Kissing the Lonely Boy


1. Flowers.




He kisses me, or should I say I kiss him? Either way, it’s long. Deep. Meaningful, the shy boy comes alive.



The path at our school is lined with flowers, I’m not sure why and I’m not sure who planted them. I like their smell and colour.

But not everyone enjoys the flowers like I do.

I was sitting in class math class and we were having trigonometry lectured to us by Cartwright. Our very typical math teacher. Cartwright has a fuzzy grey beard and a soft voice, the sort of voice that sends me to sleep.

Because I snore slightly, I tried to keep myself awake by looking out the window and imagining having a job. An outdoor job, with no math teachers to put you to sleep. Maybe I’ll be a gardener when I’m older.

As I thought up my future career, three guys who looked about 16 – two years older than me started walking down the path. One threw a can of V behind him, another spat on the path. But the third boy walked along the edge of the path, stepping on each flower individually.

And from my window, I watched, helpless.

At the back of the class a hand went up. Surprised,  Mr Cartwright nodded, “You have a question Thomas?”

Every head in the room turned. Thomas, never spoke. Ever.

And I was starting to see why. His faced turned bright red, the same same colpour as a couple of the marigolds that had just been trampled.

“I was wondering…” he stammered, “Toilet sir?”

Nodding, Cartwright continued explaining about Pythagoras and I went back to staring out the window.

To my surprise, Thomas walked down the path. Glancing left, then right to check if anyone else was seeing this I found that everyone else was on their phones. Alyssa, one of the one of my friends had her party tonight, and of course everyone wanted to go.

But I didn’t care about the party, at least not at that moment. I cared about the way Thomas had stooped down beside the flowers and was very gently mounding the dirt around them so they stood up again. It was the most bizzare, and somehow most beautiful thing I’d seen for a long while.

I turned, had another look around, eyeing Cartwright as I did. If he were to turn around…

No-one had noticed, and Cartwright was still giving his lecture.

Thomas worked very slowly, mounding the piles with his hands, and trickling loose dirt overtop. It was a long process, but he’d almost finished when Cartwright sniffed. “Didn’t Thomas leave twenty minutes ago?”

Alyssa looked up from her phone, she was right next to the window. So did Carl, on the other side of the room. “Maybe he’s constipated sir?”

Almost everyone started laughing, I looked out the window and flicked my phone’s power button on and off.

Thomas was on his second to last plant.

Alyssa turned to me, she was laughing. But stopped when she saw where I was looking. She raised an eyebrow.

“Mr Cartwright.”

“Yes Alyssa?”

She pointed, to where Thomas was finishing his last flower. This time it was Mr Cartwright’s turn to go a bright red. He stalked out into the hall, while the class started giggling. Thomas was in big trouble.


The moment Cartwright got outside he started yelling, and he didn’t stop until Thomas was safely outside Principle Harwick’s office. The words ‘disrespect’ and ‘privilege’  were mentioned multiple times.

Thomas looked like he wanted to cry. In fact, he might of. Just a little wqhen he thought nobody was looking. The bell rang and we were dismissed for lunch, Alyssa took my arm and our group of girls left for the cafeteria. She was buzzing about her Dad promising to buy the latest Iphone. I need away, not really paying attention. My mind still on Thomas.

He wasn’t back for English, so he missed out on reading two chapters of ‘a catcher in the rye.’  Not that I was much better off. My usual love form English was replaced by an annoying sense of distraction. I tried to shake it off and focus on Alysia’s party but it wouldn’t budge.

By 3.15 when our school bell rang it seemed everyone was hyped up but me. I was supposed to go to Alyssia’s after school. But rather guiltily I pretended that I’d left something at my house, and a carful of chatting girls left Galler Highschool without me.

I waited ten minutes, then twenty, I watched the flowers as they blew in a slight breeze. Thomas had done a good job, most of them looked fine.

I’d got up and started walking home when Thomas appeared. His head bowed and shoulders hunched. He looked like he’d had a proper telling off.

Thomas tried to slip past me, but I didn’t give him the chance.

“How bad was it?”

“um… pretty bad.”

I match his pace as we walk through the school gates and try to think of something to keep the conversation going.

“Did he suspend you?”

Thomas nods, looking miserable. My brain works double time, trying to think of something nice to say.

“I like what you did with the flowers though… that was brave.”

A little smile works it’s way to the surface. “Thanks, it was kind of stupid though. After all the trouble it’s got me into.”

“No- way. If you hadn’t done that the flowers roots would’ve been cracked by the wind.”

He nods, and this time his smile is genuine, “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.” Then a pause, “How did you know that?”#

“My mum and Dad used to live near the country. We had a big garden.”

“How come you moved?”

“They split up and Mum bought an apartment. I can only dig when I go to Dad’s.”

He looks awkward, and coughs a little. “Er… I’m sorry.”

I shake my head, just wanting to move on to another subject. “And you?”

“Well…” He stops outside a gated fence. “Do you want to have a look around?”

After unlocking the fence he takes me on a tour of the largest garden I’ve ever seen. Despite the place being in one of the richest suburbs in our city the place could cover four football fields, even leaving out the mansion Thomas’s parents own.

“I had no idea you were so rich,” I blurt out as my phone starts ringing.

“Well it’s been in the family a couple of generations…”

“Sorry I should get this.” I say pulling out my phone. It’s Alyssa.

“oh crap.” I say.


“I totally forgot, Alysia’s party!”

Without a second thought, I sprint toward the gates. Behind me Thomas calls out: “Do you want to come for a snack tomorrow afternoon?”

Smiling slightly and hidden by his gigantic fence I yell back, “It’s a date.”

As his grin spreads wider than his face I sprint back toward Alysia’s house.

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