The Guy Next Door (LastMann Fanfic) (continued)

The guy next door the first story just continued!!

This is a story about a girl that just moved into and apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans!!

What will happen!!


5. Chapter 13: The Party Favors

Me and Adym walked around I saw some of my old friends from school and some new people that I met and everything. Then it happened.

Austin grabbed my hand and pulled me away! But sawyer was at the door he was trying to bring me into! He saw me and he grabbed Austin and then Jason joined in and he helped Sawyer grabbed Austin. But Adym saw what was happening and he ran over and took Austin's hand off of me made sure I was okay and he told Austin to stay away from his girl!

He then walked away. But when we walked away. Adym felt someone tap him on his shoulder and when he turned around Austin went to punch him but instead I went in front of him and he punched my stomach!

Then Adym looked at me all shocked and mad and he went after Austin and he punched him in the face repeatedly and then he stopped and sawyer kicked him.

Adym then picked me up bridal style making sure my dress was perfectly fine and we all left! Bree and Jen were worried as fuck about me and so was Sawyer!

I was just scared and wanted to protect my boyfriend my idol my everything! I love Adym and I don't want to see him get hurt! I know he doesn't want to see me get hurt but he helped me with a lot so I helped him this time!

Adym's P.O.V.

Sirena went in front of me and got punched instead why would she do that I don't want to see her get hurt!

Looking in her eyes after that made me furious and I just couldn't hold it back anymore!

So I went and I punched him in his face he deserved it cause some of the girls at the party told me that he cheated on them just like he did with Sirena so those punches were for Sirena but they were the hatred from those girls he cheated on to!!

I just hope Sirena is going to be okay!!

What will happen with Sirena?

Will Adym regret what he did?


Will he be fine and Austin remember why he did it?!

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