The old ragged bunny

Lilly has moved into a mansion with her parents. She is about discover something amazing...


2. moving in

Jades mum gave her the key to open the front door so she could be first in.Jade turned the cold key in the door until it opened.As they walked in to the hose the smell of musty paint ran up their noses.Everyone was intrigued to look round. After all their belongings were in the house Jade's mum said'' lets take a good look around,''. Ruby trotted along the hall into the sitting room where a large brass fireplace sat, opposite the large window. The window was slightly open so it brought a chill to the house but, because everyone was to excited to look around, they didn't notice.


Everyone shot into the kitchen to check out the space.It was bigger and more modern than the sitting room and gave a warm homely feeling to their hearts.The upstairs gave them the same feeling.But jade hated the space wall paper that coated the walls of her room, she thought it made the room look small and babyish. She was also sad as her room was in the north wing of the house because in Geography she had learnt that the north is usually colder than the south, east and west. 


After a thorough look round, Jade's dad helped her carry the big brown boxes that contained her belonging to her room where she could unpack.Jade took a long time as she was more interested in trying  to pick off all the space wall paper so she could paint it after the house was finished.




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