The old ragged bunny

Lilly has moved into a mansion with her parents. She is about discover something amazing...


1. Moving out


Jade lay awake tossing and turning in her bed as the night fell  upon her. She new what was keeping her awake and she tried to forget about it.But every time she tried it kept coming back to her. In her mind she could hear the words'It is a big day tomorrow!' over and over again. She felt as if her mind was about to explode and break up into tiny pieces. Luckily she had her dog Ruby to comfort her.

                                                                                    * * *

Today was in fact the big day. Jade could see brown cardboard enveloping all her families belongings and only emptiness left in the house. A large removal van turned up in her as she sat in her room on the floor, crying and cuddled up with Ruby. She had got Ruby for Christmas last year to help her deal with the obstetrical she came across.

Jade had had dyslexia and anxiety since primary school. So moving away from her supportive friends was a big deal for her as she thought nothing would ever be the same without them.


When the van was loaded her family and her hopped in to the car. The whole way there the followed the van, swerving through country roads and small towns. Five hours later the had arrived at their new house.The walls towered above them like giants and the wind carried a chill.

This was it...



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