More than friends

In this story Justin isn't famous

Alison: A 17 year old girl from Florida

Justin: A 18 year old boy, from Canada.

They were best friends, but then one of them spoke the truth. What is happening now?
Beware of string language, sexual acts, drama and love.


2. " I love you "

He bends down and kissed me again, even though we've just dated for 5 minutes, the kiss started to get heated. He sat down and placed a knee on each side of me. I could feel his tongue on my underlip, and opened my mouth. His tongue began to fight with mine, and obviously his won. He kissed my neck and I started moaning his name. He turned around so I was sitting on his lap with min knees on each side of him. I could feel him grow, and he got hard. I pulled out of the kiss.

Justin: Sorry baby, I didn't mean to go this far yet. I'm so sorry! He looked sad and he got tear filled eyes. I hugged him.

Alison: Justin, baby, no reason to say sorry. I wanted this to. Don't cry Juju.

Justin: Can I drive you home? I-I'm so sorry

Alison: Justin stop, don't be sad! And yeah, you can drive me home. But only if you stop being sad! It hurts me inside!

Justin: Okay baby, come

I followed Justin out to his car, and he opened the door for me. I looked at him and smiled.

Justin: What baby?

Alison: I was just looking at my boyfriend, that I love more than anything!

He smiled and kissed me. While we drove home he laid his hand on my lap, and moved it forward and back. I smiled again. When we pulled up in my driveway he came to my side and opened the door for me. I unlocked the door and we went to my room. As we walked in I went to my bathroom, that was across my room, and changed to my pajamas. I walked back to my room and couldn't find Justin. I started worrying and looked all over the place. I found him talking to Jake. I tried to listen to their conversation.

Jake: if you something something I will do something something

Justin: Jake something something.

Okay, I give up, I can't hear it. When I almost slept I felt someone sitting on the edge of the bed. Justin pulled the hair away from my face and smiled at me.

Justin: Goodnight baby girl, sweet dreams. He walked over to the door, but I grabbed his arm.

Alison: Justin, please stay with me!

Justin: You think your brother would like that though?

Alison: I don't care about what Jake thinks! I just need my boyfriend right now!

Justin: Okay, I'll stay. But only because I need my baby too! Ali I love you! Don't ever leave me! I wouldn't survive that!

Alison: Justin, baby, I would never in my life leave you! I love you so much!

Justin laid down in the bed with me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He nuzzled his head in my neck and kissed it. I turned around and faced him. He leaned in on me and I kissed him. Just as I did Jake walked in.

Jake: What the hell is going on in here? Alison, why did you just kiss Justin?

Alison: Because he's my boyfriend? Why else?

Jake: And when did this happen? And why didn't you tell me before when we talked Justin?

Justin: Jake I-I-I'm s-sorry. I could tell Jake was mad, but I didn't get why?

Alison: Jake, if you're going to be a dick about this then leave! I love Justin more than anything! And you guys are best friends. Why are you mad at him for this?

Alison (whisper): No matter what happens I'll always love you baby! After saying this I kissed his cheek.

Jake: Alison, can I talk with Justin for a minute?

Alison: Uhmm. Sure. That's up to Justin, not me. But if you're going to attack him or say anything stupid to him, I'll never talk to you again! I swear!

Justin: Jake, we can talk. But I want Ali with me. He looked at me with hope in his eyes.

Jake: Fine... Then both of you come here now!

Alison: Justin. Are you sure that you want me to come with you?

Justin: Baby, yes I want you to come. He kissed my nose an I hugged him.

We went in Jakes room and he started talking.

Jake: Okay first, Justin, if you ever hurt my sister I swear I'm gonna kill you! Don't even think about hurting her! I swear you're gonna regret it. I looked at Justin and he looked like he wanted to cry. I hugged him and he held me tight!

Alison: Jake stop! He's not going to hurt me! He was the only person I had by my side when Judah left me! I had no one to talk with but Justin. He knew haw much it hurt me!

Justin: She's right! I would never do anything to hurt her of break her heart! Please don't be mad at me Jake! I swear I won't do anything bad to her! I would rather kill my self than hurt her!

Alison: Jus, don't say that! Don't hurt yourself!

Alison (cont): Come Justin, we are going back to bed, bye Jake. Justin followed me inside the bedroom, and kissed me as soon as the door was closed.

Justin: Baby, you know I never would do anything to hurt you! You know I love you more than anything in my life! I would kill my self if I ever hurt you!

Alison: Justin stop it! I know you won't do it! Now let's go to bed and not think about it! We walked over to the bed and laid down.

I felt strong arms around my stomach, he held me even tighter and I felt like he was crying. I turned around and looked at him. He had red eyes.

Alison: Justin, calm your breath babe

Justin: I'm sorry

Alison: Shhh Justin, just go to sleep baby.

Justin: I love you

He then fell asleep and I slept to. Oh god I love this boy

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