Of Demigods & Wizards

When Ron Weasley discovers that he's the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, he has no idea of how much his life and the lives of his friends will be changed forever...


7. In Which Ron’s Secret Comes to Life

That night, Ron and Jacquel were sitting by themselves in the dining hall. Everyone else was eating and talking about who pulled the water out of the water balloon that was launched at Ron several hours earlier.

Just then, Chiron said, “Attention, everyone, we now introduce to you our newest camper, Ron Weasley!” The entire camp broke out into applause as Mr. D came out and said, “That’s no demigod, Chiron. He’s a spy sent by Kronos himself to infiltrate our camp. The girl is the demigod.”

This was heard by several other campers; for a few moments, everyone burst into chatter. Jacquel stood up and yelled into her megaphone: “Attention everyone, I am not a demigod. In fact, I am a spellcaster, which is a step and a half below a demigod. Ron here is the real deal!”

“You lie!” Clarisse hurled her cup of water at Jacquel’s head and Ron jumped in front of Jacquel to protect her. As Ron had pulled the water out of the water balloon, he pulled the water out of the cup, which fell to the floor at his feet.

He said, “Well, you’re the liar here, and this is what I do to liars!” He hurled the sphere of water at Clarisse and she was soaked from head to toe.

At that moment, everyone gasped and stared at Ron. They had all witnessed Ron catching the water and throwing it back at Clarisse. Then they all laughed and Percy said to Annabeth, “Still think she pulled the water out of the balloon?”

“Shut up, seaweed brain,” Annabeth snapped as she stormed away from the table.

“I guess this confirms it,” said Chiron to Mr. D. “Ron here is the son of Poseidon.”

“I see,” said Mr. D. To Ron, he said, “and what do you know of Poseidon, boy?”

“Aren’t you the god who likes to…get drunk?” Ron said. Several of the campers giggled upon hearing that.

“Oh come on, not this again!” cried Mr. D.

“You’re Dionysus, aren’t you?” said Jacquel.

“If you want to call me that,” said Mr. D. “My father made me go work here because…”

“You got drunk and danced at someone’s party wearing nothing but a Speedo swimsuit that you stole from an Olympic swimmer,” Jacquel chirped as the other campers laughed.

“Don’t remind me,” Mr. D groaned.

“Wasn’t that in another story?” Ron hissed at her.

“Whatever,” said Jacquel, “but it was still funny.”

“So,” said Ron, “anyone else from Poseidon cabin here?”

“Just one,” said Chiron. “His name is Percy Jackson and he’s the only camper here who is the son of Poseidon. He’ll show you to your cabin.”

Ron frowned as Percy approached him. Percy appeared to be smiling as he passed by the other campers. “That’s no Harry Potter rip-off,” he muttered to himself.

“This is what I call Greek mythology in action,” Jacquel said after him.

“Right,” said Percy. “I shall show you to the cabin.”

Ron stared at Jacquel and she said, “You go on; I’ll deal with that bully.” Ron frowned, but went to follow Percy. Jacquel marched up to Clarisse and said, “You should be lucky that Ron only threw water at you. The next time you try to attack me, I’ll fire an arrow into your gut. Not water, but an arrow. Got it?” Clarisse could only stare at her in horror. “Good,” said Jacquel. “And one more thing…”

She reached out and backhanded Clarisse and several of the unfortunate members of Ares cabin. “And that was for the water balloon. Do that again and I’ll toss snakes into your cabin. And they’ll be poisonous snakes and that won’t be good. Nobody messes with Jacquel Romanov and lives!”

She stood up and walked away. The entire population of Ares cabin learned that it was not a good idea to mess with Jacquel at all. But little did anyone know that Jacquel would be their best weapon against an angry witch who stormed into the camp…

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