Of Demigods & Wizards

When Ron Weasley discovers that he's the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, he has no idea of how much his life and the lives of his friends will be changed forever...


5. In Which Ron & Jacquel Find Themselves at Camp Half-Blood

Ron found himself waking up; he had no idea of where he was. All he could remember was when he had fought the Minotaur and killed it. He didn’t notice Chiron coming to fetch him after the attack.

He looked around him; was he still in the woods? Well, technically, he was, but there were buildings there as well. People were moving about from place to place, not seeming to notice him at in their bustling.

Ron wondered where are Jacquel and Hermione. He could barely recall the event that led him to this place; he was also unsure of whether or not Jacquel or Hermione made it into the place. He then thought about the centaur and the satyr, both of who had told him about his true identity as a demigod.

Demigod, the child of a Greek god and a mortal, Jacquel had claimed. But was he really a demigod, or did the world decide to mess with him? And if he wasn’t a demigod, then why did he go through all the trouble of fighting two monsters and escaping to Camp Half-Blood when he could have remained behind in New York to be at the receiving end of Molly Weasley’s so-called “love”?

“I see someone finally decided to wake up,” said the satyr as he stood over Ron’s bed.

“Who are you?” Ron cried out.

“I’m Grover Underwood, and you have been out for almost a week,” said Grover.

A whole week, Ron thought. I’ve been out for a whole week? This can’t be right. How could it be a week since the attack?

“You may not remember everything right now,” said Grover, “but you killed two monsters before coming here…”

“No thanks to you and the horse guy,” Ron cut in.

“Still, that was pretty brave,” said Grover. “No demigod-in-training has taken on two monsters and survived unscathed.”

Ron looked around him again and asked, “Where are Jacquel and Hermione?”

“As for you friends,” said Grover, “one of them was picked up by her parents and taken home earlier that week…” Hermione, Ron thought to himself. Jacquel doesn’t have any parents, only her grandmother. “…and as for the other one, she woke up two days earlier and is currently located in Hermes cabin.”

Ron was confused. “Did you just say cabins?”

“In Camp Half-Blood, we sort kids based on who their parents were, on in this case, Greek parents,” said Grover. “There’s Ares, Athena, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, Apollo, Demeter, and…Poseidon.”

“And the cabins are named for,” Ron said, wondering what was coming next.

“The campers’ parents,” said Grover. He shifted uncomfortably as Ron sat up, eventually climbing out of bed. “Years earlier, after World War II ended, the big three gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, met and decided that they would not have any more children, for any child born to them would be extremely volatile and dangerous. As the years wore on, I chanced to discover a son of Poseidon living in New York, and it took me a while to locate him and bring him here. But then you came along…”

“And I most certainly did come along,” said Ron.

“And you brought some friends with you, one of whom is well-versed in mythology, and one who is not,” said Grover. He and Ron walked out the cabin and Ron turned around to look behind him. “That’s the infirmary,” said Grover, “in case anyone gets hurt here. The Apollo cabin takes care of those who are hurt.”

“I can see that,” said Ron.

“In this place, you’ll learn how to survive, both in our world and in the real world,” said Grover.

“This is too good to be true,” said Ron. “Yet, I’m not sure if this makes any sense. If I’m a wizard…”

“Which you’re not,” said Grover.

“Then explain to me how the sea monster came out and attacked me?" said Ron. “Why didn’t my wand work against him? And what was the gibberish on that piece of paper that Jacquel could read but I could barely make out the words?”

“You could read the words just fine,” said Grover, “but your mind was playing tricks on you. As for the wand breaking, you can’t use wizard’s magic against mythological monsters. Wizardry isn’t compatible with demigod powers.”

“So I guess I’m not a wizard then," Ron said more to himself than to Grover, “which is a shame when you look at it.”

“What are you talking about?” said Grover.

“I want to know why I wasted the last four years of my life at Hogwarts when I wasn’t a wizard?” said Ron. “You should see Hermione; she’s so good at the wizard stuff, you’d thought she was born into that role. Why her, and why not me?”

“Because she isn’t what you are,” said Grover. “You’re a demigod. She’s uses wizard magic. Our magic and wizard’s magic are not that compatible. That was why she lost.”

Jacquel saw Ron and Grover and waved to them. She said, “I’ve gotten bored waiting for your lazy butt to get up, so I came here. What do you say to that?”

Ron said, “Well, sorry if I was trying to recover from fighting that Minotaur.”

“About that,” said Jacquel as she pulled something out of her pocket. “This broke off during the fight.”

Ron gasped as she held what appeared to be a horn in her hands. “Was the Minotaur’s?” he hesitated to say.

“Indeed,” said Grover. “Your first victory as a demigod.”

Demigod, Ron thought to himself. I won a victory, and I didn’t need anyone’s help to do it. He shrugged and said to himself, “Well, I didn’t have Harry with me, Hermione was being a pain in the butt, and Jacquel was being her usual self, but I can’t believe I did this. What will the twins say about this?”

“Ok,” said Grover. “While you two are gawking, I’ve got to continue the rest of the tour. Let’s go!”

Ron sighed as he followed Jacquel and Grover into the rest of the camp. He was sure that someone would find out about what happened to them and tell the Weasleys. But he would cross that bridge when he came to it; he had more important things to worry about.

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