Of Demigods & Wizards

When Ron Weasley discovers that he's the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, he has no idea of how much his life and the lives of his friends will be changed forever...


10. In Which Camp Half-Blood is Under Attack & Ron is Forced To Make a Tough Decision

The next day, Ron woke up in his new cabin. He still had a hard time believing that Molly Weasley would find out where he was and also to demand that he return to her. Who did she think she was?

He shook his head; he needed to change his appearance immediately.

Of course he *could* ask Jacquelyn for a change-your-appearance spell, but the spell would wear off after a few hours. He needed more than a spell to alter his appearance.

After breakfast, he found himself making his way toward Aphrodite cabin. Perhaps the girls there could give him a few pointers. Grover was already there, speaking to a girl. They noticed him and Grover said, “Well, what brings you here, Ron?”

Ron said, “I need a disguise, and in a major hurry.”

“I see,” said Grover. “This isn’t about last night, is it?”

“Well,” said Ron, “you know about that?”

“We all do,” said the girl. “My name is Silena Beauregard. I know all about you.”

“Did Jacquelyn tell you about me?” Ron cried out.

“Well, word on the street is that you beat Annabeth in a duel,” said Silena. “We all heard the rumors. You must be quite a natural.”

“Well, I’m no hero, but I am a demigod,” said Ron. “But this is more important.” Silena stared at him. “I need a new disguise.”

“That’s good enough for me!” said Silena. “Girls,” she turned to a group of beautiful girls who had gathered near the cabin, “our newest demigod needs a makeover!”

“I never said that,” Ron cried out as the girls grabbed him and pulled him into the cabin.

Within a few hours, Ron frowned as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. Gone was the infamous Weasley red hair; in its place was a normal reddish-brown color. He wished that the girls hadn’t cut his hair though.

Jacquelyn saw him and said, “New look, much?”

“Well, it was pretty hard,” said Ron. “I had to get rid of the red hair.”

“Good for you,” said Jacquelyn. “Maybe no one will find you and you can just be yourself. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“I hope so,” said Ron. He stared at Jacquelyn and said, “I have a confession to make.”

“Such as,” said Jacquelyn.

“The magic is leaving me,” said Ron. “I know it’s weird, but I tried to do a simple spell last night and my makeshift wand broke. I can’t do magic anymore.”

“I see,” said Jacquelyn.

“The funny thing is, though, if she were to find out that I couldn’t use magic anymore, then she might leave me alone,” said Ron. “I really hope this happens.”

“Well, she’ll be a huge wreck, but it’ll be the day she finally gets off my back,” said Ron. “But whatever, we have training.”

Jacquelyn frowned as they both left the bathroom and went to the training field.

At lunchtime, Percy and Annabeth were chatting when they noticed Ron and Grover coming towards him. Annabeth stared at him and said, “Hey, where did the red hair go?”

“I made him cut it off,” said Grover. “It was getting too distracting for him. Besides, we have other things to worry about.”

“Well, Luke says that no attacks have occurred,” said Percy, “but we’re not so sure.”

Jacquelyn came running to them, saying, “I just saw something…”

“Like what? Another Minotaur?” said Grover.

“Not a Minotaur,” Jacquelyn, “but worse!”

Everyone looked up and saw two huge trolls coming towards the camp. They were laughing and chortling as they stomped towards the camp. Everyone there was in grave danger.

“We’re under attack!” yelled a random demigod.

Immediately everyone fled from the dining area and rushed to their cabins. Luke stood up and said, “All campers to the front lines now! We haven’t a moment to waste!”

Ron stared at Jacquelyn, saying, “You don’t think those trolls have anything to do with her, do you?”

“Why not?” said Jacquelyn. “What if Molly had the power to summon trolls?”

“Not mythological trolls,” said Grover. “Someone else attacking us!”

“Kronos,” said Ron.

Percy came to them and said, “I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Kronos.”

“What’s his deal?” said Ron.

“Well,” said Jacquelyn, “it all began 15 kajillion years ago, when the earth was newly created. Gaea, also known as Mother Earth, had created the Titans to rule over the earth. Kronos, the eldest, was the leader, but he knew that he would be overthrown. To stop this, he ate all his kids as soon as they were born.”

“That’s sick!” Ron cried out in disgust.

“Oh, it gets better,” said Jacquelyn. “When his wife Rhea was pregnant with her last child, she gave Kronos a stone and gave birth to her youngest son. That son grew up and became Zeus. He finds Kronos and forces him to regurgitate the stone and all five of his siblings. They all overthrew Kronos and took over the earth.”

“Well, that’s like one awkward family reunion,” said Ron.

“And there you have it,” said Jacquelyn. “Kronos never forgave his children for overthrowing him and he’s been trying to regain power for some time now. And this,” here she pointed to the trolls, “is proof that he's at work trying to overthrow the world.”

“Indeed,” said Chiron with a sad look on his face. “He is also my father.”

“Well, that’s a tough thing to deal with,” said Ron.

“Now we have to deal with his shenanigans,” said Chiron. “You children need to be careful. The borders have been breached and there’s danger everywhere. You could get hurt.”

He left them and Jacquelyn said, “We should do something about this.”

“What can we do,” said Ron. “Neither of us are wizards anymore. We have no magic inside us. We’re freaking doomed!”

“Not on their watch,” said Grover. “Look!”

Many demigods were hurling arrows, stones, and javelins at the trolls, who swatted them like they were bothersome flies. Jacquelyn pulled out two arrows and shot the trolls. They soon burst into flames. Everyone who saw the firing gasped as they stared at her. Grover said, “If you were a demigod, that was your first victory.”

“But it won’t be my last,” said Jacquelyn.

Ron frowned as the space where the trolls once stood was blackened and the older campers came to inspect the spot. He said, “This is because of me, isn’t it?”

“Don’t blame yourself,” said Grover. “It could have been worse.”

“I know,” said Ron. “Why did I come here? I’m not safe from a witch, let alone monsters.”

“So, what are you going to do?” said Jacquelyn. “She’s on her way here; she’ll be on the campgrounds within five minutes.”

Ron stared at her and said, “I’m going to run away.”

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