Going Back.

Minerva Mc Gonagle hasn't seen any of her school friends properly for over 40 years and, to be quite honest, she's scared to.
Eileen Prince, on the other hand, has had enough. She's sick of laying down her life for people and everyone keeps breaking their promises.
Lyell Lupin is back at the Ministry Of Magic, working in the Werewolf Registry office to gain the revenge on Fenrir Greyback he should have had thirty-three years ago. But Voldemort, as he has full control of Eileen Prince, is determined to stop the three of them reuniting, and decides to snatch a friend, confront an enemy, and fiddle with the clocks a bit, causing the unexpected to happen...But has Voldemort made a mistake?


3. News

Hatred flooded his veins. So this woman had been in league with Voldemort, has she? This woman, the mother of Snape, whom had hated his father... Oh, how it all made sense. Recklessly, Harry bore his eyes into the black ones above him. "Leave Neville alone."

Eileen smiled. Hermione let out a moan. "Give me a reason, Potter, to listen to you, and I swear I will."

Harry continued to glare, remembering, with loathing, that Severus Snape himself had said something along those lines to his godfather once, and he realized, with a jolt, exactly why he hated this evil woman "YOU WERE IN LEAGUE WITH VOLDEMORT! YOU HELPED MURDER MY MUM AND DAD!" 

Eileen Prince raised one eyebrow "Did I?" She asked "Why, Potter, I don't think so... Don't you agree that had I murdered those filthy brats I would be of much higher status than I am of now?"

Harry said nothing for a minute or two. She was right, of course, but he hated admitting it. "Why are you here?"

She snorted "Oh, you dare ask? If you must know, I have some business with the headmaster, Potter, that does not concern you." and she swept away.

Neville was trembling. Hermione and Ron both were, too. "Blimey, mate!" Said Ron, at last. "Don't talk to her! She's evil!"

But Harry wasn't listening. Dumbledore was in legue with her? Dumbledore was willing to talk to her?... What in the name of Dobby's socks was going on?

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