A broken fairytale

Elizabeth has a normal life, with normal friends. When she one day meets Liam, she grows very close to him very fast. But Elizabeth's life isn't as normal as it seems from the outside, making her relathionship with Liam a far more dangerous thing.

**Takes place after they split up**:)


9. 9

It went on for longer than it ever had before. And yet it was over so fast I remained lying on the floor for minutes after he had left the room, fearing that he was still toying with me. But when my entire body starting summing I decided that I would have to stand up, have to move, or I might regret what I was about to do. Once I had managed to drag myself to my feet I moved as quietly to my bedroom as I could, grabbing my phone. My heart was pumping frantically and I decided that for now, the phone was all I would need. 

I walked back as fast as I could, through the kitchen that now looked more colorful than it ever had, an out to the foyer. I took on a pair of flipflops an cranked the door open. As soon I felt the cool night air embrasing me, I started moving faster. I wanted to run but it was becoming harder and harder to move. 

Once I made it to the school grounds, I collapsed on the parking lot. I found Liam's number on my phone and called. I couldn't call Candra. She might be my best friend, but she had no idea what was going on and it would be the first place they would come and look for me. I sad staring blindly into the forest lining on the other side of the road when I finally realized Liam was trying to get my attention.

"Liz? Can you hear me? Hel-"
"Yeah.." I said into the phone.

"I'm really sorry about that whole thing earlier, I thought you had told them. And I really needed to apologize for what happened, I had no idea he would do something like that." 

For almost a minute none of us spoke. I was trying to built up the courage to talk, but I just sat there, seeing my fathers figure walking out of the dark forest, metal gleaming in his hand ready to give the killing blow.


I took a deep breath.

"Could I stay at your place for a little while?" I said, trying to keep my voice as calm as possible even though I could practically feel it tremble.

"Uhm... Yes. Of course. Do you want me to come pick you up?"

"I'm at my schools parking lot-do you know where it is?"

"I'll be there as fast as I can." He said quickly before he hung up. 

When a baby blue Chevrolet finally pulled up, I could barely muster the energy to sit back up. My body had failed me in the time it had taken Liam to come, and I was now lying down on the cold . I heard the car door slam shut and for a moment it was quiet again. That lovely quietness that had comforted me in my hardest times, that now held the promise of comfort and salvation. 


Footsteps ran in my direction, and all of a sudden I saw Liam's beautiful face infront of me. I tried to smile and say hi, but it turned into another violent caught. 

"Liz, what happened?!" He pulled me up carefully, but even that small motion put an overload on my body and I couldn't stop myself from whimpering.

"Liz, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I just really want to sleep." I said drowsily and tried to lie back down. 

"No, no sleeping for you. We gotta take you to the hospital." I jerked my head. 

"No! No hospital, not yet." I tried to stand up using Liam as my support. "I will explain, I promise! But not tonight." 

"You have to go to the hospital Liz. Your bleeding."
"Please, Liam. Please, no." I begged him. " I just need to sleep. I will be alright."

I could see he wasn't crazy about it, but at last he gave in.

"Come." He pulled me up into his arms and carried me over to the car. Every time he sped up or drove over a bumb in the road I almost screamed in agony, but I had too keep my mouth shut. If Liam knew how much pain I was in, I would be sure to find myself in a hospital any minute. When we finally made it to his house he practically sprinted out of the car and over to me, carrying me up the driveway. When we came inside, he carried me down the stairs and put me on his bed. The bedcovers where so soft I wished I could dissapear into them. 

"Wait here, okay? And stay awake alright sweety." He said and kissed me quickly on my forehead before he ran out the door. He came back with a small bucket and a glass of water. He came to the bedside and helped me sit upright. 

"I can't belive I'm doing this.... You should be at the hospital." He mumbled to himself as he held on to my arm with one hand and took the glass with the other.

"Here, drink this." He said and lifted the glass to my lips. When the glass was empty, I tried to lie back down, but Liam was still holding on to my arm. 

"No no no no Liz, we need to at least clean you up a bit before you go to sleep okay? I don't want to risk anything." 

"Alright." I said as he reached out to help me take my shirt off. The blood had pretty much dried, and taking the shirt off meant tearing of the newly formed wounds. I tried to bite my screams, but I couldn't help it. Finally Liam went over to his dresser and found a scissor to cut the shirt up. When my shirt was of he cut my bra of as well and threw it on the floor. Then he took úp a cloth from the bucket and sad on the bed beside me. When he raised the cloth to my back, he gasped. 

"It's okay." I whispered, probably more to myself than to him. Because I knew that it was not only the swollen red stripes that covered my back. Thin white lines and a few larger, still closing wounds contributed to the masterpiece. But Liam didn't say anything else. He did nothing except quietly cleaning my back until the water in the bucket had turned a rusty red colour. He threw the cloth back and stood. I lied down on my side and Liam gently covered my bare body with a blanket that smelled like cinnamon and hot chocolate. When he made to leave I felt my heartbeat raise for the hundred time today. 


He turned around in the doorway.

"Will you stay with me?" He gave me a small smile and and left. I heard him emptying the bucket in the sink and a few seconds later he returned, sitting down in the bed besides me. 

"I'm sorry Liam, I really didn't mean to burden you with this."

"Let me stop you right there Liz." he looked down on me and stroked my hair behind my ear. "You are always welcome here, no matter what. I promise you that I will be here for you, whenever you need me, alright?" He kissed my forehead. I felt overwhelmed with more love than ever before. And that was the truth, I realized. I love him. 

"Sleep. We will drive to the hospital tommorrow and we will figure this out together." I closed my eyes and cuddled up next to him. It was all going to be okay now.

It had to be.

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