A broken fairytale

Elizabeth has a normal life, with normal friends. When she one day meets Liam, she grows very close to him very fast. But Elizabeth's life isn't as normal as it seems from the outside, making her relathionship with Liam a far more dangerous thing.

**Takes place after they split up**:)


7. 7

After my day with Liam it was like everything became better. I still had another week left until my exams, and though sitting for hours listening to teachers ramping about and students going into a fuzz over the upcoming exams was normally a very stressful ordeal, I managed to get through it with more ease than I had anything else. It was like all the concerns and fears that normally weighed down on me had been removed, at least for a while.

Almost everyday I would text or talk to Liam and when I could I would sneak out of the house and meet with him at the park or at his house. I didn’t dare to do this a lot, but since I was on studybreak, I now had days where I knew neither of my parents would be home and it was safe for me to leave without anybody noticing. As even more weeks passed, I started to spend more and more time with him. I felt like we were in our very own bubble, oblivious and invisible to the world around us. On one particularly warm day I had sneaked out of the house a bit early so I would have time to see him before he left for a weekend meeting in the other end of the country.

“You know, I wish you would go with me.” Liam said in a tempting voice while stroking my arm with a small strain of grass. We were laying outside in his back yard relaxing in the morning sun.

“I know you said you have never left the city. Think of all the things to see!”

He rolled a bit closer to me and lowered his voice. “And we would get to spend the whole weekend together.” A thrill went down my spine as I rolled onto my side and looked into his eyes. Oh my, I wanted to say yes, I wanted it so badly. But I was barely able to keep it a secret as it was. I would never be able to find an excuse good enough for my parents to let me leave the city.

“I don’t know. I mean, wouldn’t the press go crazy if they found you with a plane girl like me? I really don’t want to be any trouble.” He rolled even closer to me

"You know what?" He said, eyes suddenly fixed sternly at mine, his voice no longer full with temptation but with determination. 
"I don't care if they find out. For all I care the whole world could find out."
My eyes jolted slightly in surprise. I knew that he liked me, that much had been obvious to me, but until now, I hadn't realised how much. 
He had told me about the pressure that had come with being in a band.
He had gotten used to having almost no privacy at all, but after they had split up the amount of photographers had slowly decreased as well. Surely catching him with someone like me would cause a lot of new stories to emerged. 
Yet he looked more than willing to endure all of this again. Just to spend a weekend with me.

"That's really sweet Liam." I said as I sat up in the grass.
"Does that mean you will come with me?" 
I felt my mood reach all new levels of low as I spoke again.


I stood up and started to back away from him. 
"I can't, I'm sorry." I said, or at least that was what I had tried to say. But my throat was closing up and the most horrible feeling of guilt was spreading through my stomach. 
"Hey, I mean if you don't want to go that's fine. But maybe you could just stay for the rest of the day?"  He was standing up too and for a moment we just looked at each other. 
"I'm sorry." I said again and I turned around and walked away. It was as if I could feel our little bubble burst as I walked back into the house.
I really needed to get out of here. Fast. 
I turned a corner and almost ran into Roger, Liam’s manager. 
"Sorry" I mumbled. It seemed to be all I could say lately. I tried to pass him but he was blocking my way. 
"So he's finally finished with you, eh?" I met his eyes and saw nothing friendly in his sharply featured was. 
"Excuse me?"  
"You heard me. It was about time you ran away like the little midget you are.”

 He grabbed a hold of my chin and I could feel his nails digging into my skin as he moved even closer still. 
My mind was racing and I knew I needed to do something, but I just stood there as his foul breath enveloped me.
"I have bigger plans for him than someone like you." His nails where close to piercing my skin and the pain was making my eyes water even though I was desperately trying to keep a straight face. 
"Now you just hav’ to promise me that you won't come back. Can you do that?"  

I stared into his eyes for a few seconds. I knew how to call a bluff when I saw it, I knew when someone was really a threat to me or not. And even though he was indeed angry, I couldn't see that spark of rage or the pursing lips. I called his bluff.
"I don't like making promises."  I hissed through my gridded teeth. 
"You little BRAT!" He said and lead go of my chin. As he did I felt a single drop of blood slowly falling from one of the scratches he had given me. 
"Get out of here - and if u know what's best for you, you stay away." 
I took the final few steps to the door and as I was about to turn I heard someone behind me;" Roger, what's going on?" I turned and looked at Liam one last time. 
"What the..." he said as he saw the little drop of blood on my chin. I ran out the door and bolted along the path as fast as I could.

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