A broken fairytale

Elizabeth has a normal life, with normal friends. When she one day meets Liam, she grows very close to him very fast. But Elizabeth's life isn't as normal as it seems from the outside, making her relathionship with Liam a far more dangerous thing.

**Takes place after they split up**:)


2. 2

I checked the time on my phone. Shit. I had been here for almost an hour. I needed to get going now if I wanted to make it to the café in time. I walked to the door as quiet as I could, zigzagging between the racks and shelves that stood between the exit and me. As the door came to view, I sneaked a last look at the boy. He really was incredibly good looking. I almost couldn’t wait to tell Candra about-

I felt myself falling a millisecond before it happened. I must have slipped in one of the wires on the floor or something I wasn’t sure. I tried to grab a hold of something that could stop me from hitting the floor full on and I somehow managed to get myself turned before I hid the ground. I felt a searing pain going through my skull as it collided with the wooden floor and put my hand up to feel if there was any blood. Dammit, that hurt. Before I knew it, two faces where floating above me. They were a bit blurry, but I recognized the man behind the counter and the handsome boy I had been staring at. 

"Hey! Are you ok?" Said the man as he gently tried to shake me to get a response. I closed my eyes. The shaking just made everything spin faster and I was beginning to have a creeping earch to throw up. 

"I'm fine." I said and tried to sit up straight. I gasped as another wave of searing pain pounded through my skull. Nope, I though, that is not going to work. The boy suddenly gripped a hold of my arm, slowly guiding me up to sit.

"What happened?" Asked the boy with a voice that made my body shiver. I took a deep breath before I answered.

"I don't know. I think I tripped over one of the boxes." I looked around. It was a mess. Boxes were lying on the floor and their content was spread all around. 

"Oh no, I'm so sorry." I said. "I´ll clean it up right away." I started to stand up, but the man put a calm hand on my shoulder, forcing me to stay seated. "The only thing you will do right now is stay down. You might just have earned yourself a concussion so we need to make sure you take it easy for a while." 

He turned to face the boy. "Liam, go run out to the kitchen and get her a glass of water." The boy nodded and left out the back. The man turned his attention to me. "What's your name?" It took me a few seconds to answer. "Liza-uhm- sir?" He smiled at me. "James will do just fine dear." 

At the same moment, Liam came back from the kitchen. "Here." He handed me the water.

"Thank you." I said. Time passed as James and Liam cleaned up the mess I had made. They chatted and I felt much calmer just watching them. "Liza?" I looked up at James as he approached. "How are you feeling? Does your head still hurt?" 

Oh yeah I though.

"It's much better." I smiled and checked my phone. Oh no. I had 3 unanswered calls and 7 new messages from Candra. "Thank you so much for your help, but I really have to go now." I tried to stand up, but ended up having to use the desk beside me in order to pull myself up. 

"Liza, are you sure your okay?" asked Liam. 

"Yes, of course-I just" I gulped. "No. I feel like crap, but my friend is waiting for me and I am so, so late." 

"I think you should call your friend and tell her you can't come." Said James. "You need to go to the hospital." 

"No, it's okay, really. I would have to wait for the bus anyway." 

"I can take you." Said Liam. My head jerked in his direction. Bad move. "My car is right out front."

"Oh, you really don't have to. I mean-" 

"It's not a problem, really." He smiled and I felt my resistance melt away. 

"Alright, thanks." I turned to James. "And thanks to you too, for everything."

I pulled out my phone and found Candra's number. I filled her in on what had happened and we agreed to meet up at her house later.

When the phone call was over, I followed Liam out the door.

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