A broken fairytale

Elizabeth has a normal life, with normal friends. When she one day meets Liam, she grows very close to him very fast. But Elizabeth's life isn't as normal as it seems from the outside, making her relathionship with Liam a far more dangerous thing.

**Takes place after they split up**:)


1. 1

I looked down the racks of clothes that stretched out before me.

"Alright. What about this one?" asked Candra as she pulled out a cute little pink top from one of the racks. I looked at the top for a few seconds and said the same thing I had said about the last seven tops she had showed me; "I don't know."

This earned me yet another disappointed glare from Candra. "I know, I'm sorry, but this-" I waved my hand at the endless racks of clothes and spoiled teenage girls around me "-just isn't me." I shrugged slightly and went back to blindly going through the shirts and dresses in front of me. I knew that Candra was dissapointed in me, but she was also my best friend so I knew she would understand.

"Fine." said Candra and gestured to the stores exit. "Go check out one off your little thrift stores. I'll meet you at the café in about an hour." She gave me a quick hug before returning to her hunt. "Deal." I said and I could feel a small smile playing around my lips as I hurried out the store. It was a five-minutes walk from Zara to the little Red Cross store I loved adventuring in. I enjoyed the walk. The sun was shining, and even though I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt I could feel little drops of sweat starting to form. As I continued to walk, I put my hair up in a bun and started scrambling through my purse after my sunglasses. They had to be in there somewhere.

All of a sudden, someone bumped into my shoulder. I looked up to see a girl, a year or two older than me, hurrying in the opposite direction.

"Hey!" I said rubbing my shoulder. But she was already out of reach, joining a large group of girls that had gathered around the square.

I was so happy when I finally reached the thrift store I had waited all day to visit. As soon as I entered, I started digging through the different boxes of clothing and jewellery. I had no idea how long I had been there. It could have been only a few minutes or over half an hour, I wasn’t sure, but when the doorbell suddenly rang I couldn’t help but jump in surprise. I looked up at the door and found myself staring at a really cute guy. I'm not even sure that cute was enough to cover it. He had thick dark hair, a thin beard stretching all the way from his high cheek bones to his chin and the deepest brown eyes I had ever seen.

I gave myself a mental slap. Stop staring! I though. I went back to examinating the box of clothes I had been looking at before. But I couldn't help to look up as the boy went up too shake hands with the man behind the counter. I was standing in the far end of the shop so I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but as the boy kept talking, the man looked more and more displeased. He gave a quick nod and said something to the boy before he went over to the shops door and turned the ‘open/closed’ sign to ‘closed’. 

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