Poetry That Remains Undefined By a Genre

Poems. Enough said.


Author's note

Previously pusblished as ‘Black Rose Poems’ and ‘Poems About Falling Petals and Broken Hearts.’

13. The Scenic Dream,

The Scenic Dream 


Beneath the bright sun 

The lilies blow 

Fields of emerald green 

Stretched until the unknown 

Crystal streams twinkling 

Birds, sweet song they’re singing 


Summer graces the land

Happy voice bubble over in laughter 

Not a cloud in the aquamarine sky 

A day I can’t remember 

So perfect is this fantasy 

The sun glowering down towards me 


Joyfulness fills the air 

To bad it’s not really there 


I open my eyes, take a look around 

There’s great distress to be found. 


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