Poetry That Remains Undefined By a Genre

Poems. Enough said.


Author's note

Previously pusblished as ‘Black Rose Poems’ and ‘Poems About Falling Petals and Broken Hearts.’

10. If I Left

If I left


If I was gone 

You wouldn't notice

Until you looked down

And saw the crack 

In you're heart


If I left, vanished on the breeze

You wouldn't realize

Until you felt 

The emptiness 

Pressing in


If I was gone

You wouldn't care

Until you wanted

Something that only I

Could give you


If I left, a whisper with the wind

You wouldn't grieve

Until someone 

Asked you

How you were feeling


If I was gone

It'd mean nothing to you

To all of you

Because you wouldn't notice 

For I am forever the one ignored


If I left

Would you even

Bother to

Say goodbye?

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