Eclipse Of The Heart

This is about a family turned into vampires by Victoria


2. The Turning

The next morning Cade woke us up around six thirty in the morning. He wanted to get an early start on the rooms. I was able to use Alex’s car to drive Lyra where she needed to go. She set up her table and like she predicted twelve people came over and paid twenty dollars to have their fortunes told.

Kol decided to stay with her just in case. I went into the place Lyra said to go. She told six people that if they fought me they would lose. She was right a boy by the name of Riley didn’t seem to like losing five hundred dollars to a girl. He stomped off. For most of the day is did fights and taught some self-defense moves. I paid the owner some of what I had earned and went to get something to eat for the three of us.

Lyra told me I was going to get into trouble for spending money on food. I told her I didn’t care neither did Kol who was doing some weird mind thing with some people getting fifty dollars from each person. He told one person to give him two hundred and he did it without blinking. It was cool and weird at the same time.

Lyra didn’t need tarot cards, or a crystal ball to see someone’s future most of the time all she had to do was touch someone or touch something that they touched. She was working on just trying to see. But that was coming slowly. After we ate we went back to doing what we were doing before. All together we each had earned what Cade, Alex, and Brandon would earn in one week.

Lyra decided we should get stuff for sandwiches to bring home so that’s what we did. She went into the store a lone and came out with a cart full of stuff. She put what she had just bought into a cooler along with some ice. The rest of the stuff fit into the back neatly.

“Now who’s going to get into trouble?” I asked.

“We should be fine” said Lyra “But we’ll all get yelled at because you bought food for lunch and Kol didn’t stop me from buying food at the store. Let’s go.”

I drove back to the house. Brandon and Alex were putting in windows downstairs. Cade must have been inside somewhere.

“What did I tell you guy’s” asked Cade doing as Lyra predicted “A low profile. None of you listened.”

“We earned three times more in one day then you three were goingto earn in one week” I said “I don’t see the big deal. We used cash, you made sure no one could track us down.”

“Why are you so paranoid?” asked Kol.

“He’s not sure if we can’t be tracked down” said Lyra.

“Stop doing that it freaks me out” said Cade.

“You’re afraid everything you did to prepare is going to fall apart” said Kol narrowing his eye’s as if looking into Cade’s head.

“I was carful” said Cade “but I think it may not have been enough. I changed the cars and plates.”

“It’s ok” said Lyra “We’re going to be fine. I read our future when we got here. You did ok. Just don’t sell the cars we’ll need them.”

“I said stop doing that” said Cade “I guess it’s fine. But don’t tell anyone your real names.”

“What names should we use?” asked Kol.

“Salvatore” said Lyra.

“Can we use a name she didn’t pick out of a book?” asked Kol.

“No” said Cade “Besides I picked that name.”

“We’re not Italian” I said.

“I know but no one else needs to know that” said Cade “I have everything ready for what we need to get new identities. We just need the money to pay for it.”

“No” said Lyra “Go here on Monday he’ll do it for what we have.”

“J. Jinks” said Cade “Are you sure?”

“Yes” said Lyra “He’ll give us everything we need. I want a driver’s license though.”

“Ok” said Cade “You guy’s keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll get the house done.”

“The windows are done” said Brandon opened the cooler and making himself a sandwich. Alex did the same.

“Alright” said Cade “The Kitchen’s electric will be up and running tomorrow. The sink is usable now. We’ll need a new stove and refrigerator.”

“We’ll get there” said Alex.

“Let’s eat” said Cade taking a paper plate Lyra held out to him.

Over the weekend the house was slowly repaired. Cade said most of it wasn’t too bad; he ripped up all of the carpet in the house though. It was so dusty and dirty he said there was no point in trying to clean it. Saturday afternoon Cade went and got us all new cellphones each one was prepaid. I entered everyone’s number into mine. Kol and I celebrated our eighteenth birthday.

I listened to music before going to bed.

On Sunday I didn’t want to do much of anything. But Cade said to go to the library or something. He didn’t want me in the way. The three of us went to the library I read most of the time trying to learn Italian it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. But without a card I couldn’t check it out. We stayed until Cade called. I noticed someone was following me.

Most of the time when I turned around it was one of the guy’s I had beaten up during a fight. I didn’t know why he was following me but Lyra said there was something she didn’t like about him. Alex told me to stay away from him because something was off about him.

As Monday came around I stayed home to wait for and election to make sure everything was alright and have him turn on the electric.

“They’ve done a great job” said the election “All I have to do is turn on the breakers.”

“Cade is very handy” I said.

“That’s good” said the election “Alright they’re all on everything looks good. Have a nice day Miss Salvatore.”

“You two” I said.

It might take some time to get used to that name. I went through the house turning off the lights that didn’t need to be on. I mailed envelopes to the house so it would be easier to get a library card. Learning a new language was a little fun.

I hopped I could sleep in a real bed soon the air mattress wasn’t as comfortable as it looked. Alex said he had taken care of it and beds would be delivered soon.

I locked up the house and went to find Kol and Lyra. I went back to what I was doing and even though it was a half a day I still made good money. When it was time to go home I felt like I was being followed again but I couldn’t fine the person doing the following.

Cade told us it was going to take a week for us to get our new identities. But before coming home he and the others had went to the store and stocked the kitchen with food. We ate dinner in silence.

It was boring not being able to do something with technology. Kol hated not having a TV. Lyra didn’t seem to mind she was more interested in playing with her cards and fortune telling than anything else. She told it like it was some people didn’t like it others believed her because she wasn’t telling them what they wanted to hear like most people.

I spent time on my phone continuing to learn Italian it was easier repeating everything. My phone went dead so I put it on charger and went to bed.

 Over the next week Cade got more on edge for some reason. Could he feel what she could or was it something else. Either way he insisted that we call every hour no matter what. On Friday when we got home Cade presented us with our new identities complete with SSN and Birth certificates. Brandon bought a computer and created a background for each of us. Detailing back to birth he was good at hacking anything and everything.

Saturday I spent the day doing what I normally did. I beat someone that seemed intrigued by my wining. After that I felt like I was being followed Lyra texted and told us all to go straight home don’t do anything else.

“What’s wrong?” asked Cade “Are you ok?”

“We need to stay together” said Lyra it will make it harder for her to get to Kol and Karina.”

“Who, what’s going on?” asked Kol.

“We’re going to be fine” said Lyra.

She was scared for some reason. Cade became on edge as if we were being hunted down. Someone knocked on the door.

“Don’t answer that” said Brandon.

The door was pushed off its hinges. A red haired woman stood there, it was the same one I had beaten earlier today.”

“I told you they would make good candidates” said a boy walking in behind her.

“Welcome to the army” said The Redhead.

I blinked and felt nothing but pain. It was the same with those around me I heard Lyra start to scream. My brother yelled in pain. It took me some time but I couldn’t hold in my screams any longer. No one would hear our scrams way out here.

The more pain I felt the more I hated that woman who caused it. We were starting a new life. What was going to happen to us now?

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