LOVE || h.s

Most girls don't hit puberty when their 15. I guess you could say I'm not most girls. I'm Emily Gray and I hit puberty a little late, and it did me pretty good. You know those transformation pages on Instagram? Yeah, I could be on one. But that wasn't the only change in my life that summer. I didn't think I would move or become internet famous or go on a world tour. Or meet One Direction. Or almost get pregnant or even a trip to the ER in the middle of the night. Remember what I said before? I'm Not like most girls.
And this is my story...


4. Read Thissssss

I'll update soon but today I'm updating one of my other books and with school and volleyball then cheer I'm super busy so update all my books in one day. I'm sorry if you were looking forward to updates with your favorite boys!!!!!:( but I'm just starting high school so I'm very overloaded with homework plus sports practice. I have a boyfriend for the first time in a few months! So yayyyyy! He a year older so I don't see him much but a lot of my after school time is spent with him *sigh*

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