Go Blue - A campaign gone right

Stark Industries' new campaign "Go Blue" has ironically been getting a lot less focus on the non-harmful energy part, and a lot more attention on the idea of an Avengers reality TV-show. Tony was never one to disappoint and it's a downright disaster.
(Fandom is Marvel. Main-focus is going to be the Avengers, Daredevil and Deadpool. Confirmed ship(s): Deadpool/Daredevil AKA Wade Wilson/Matt Murdock and Tony Stark/Pepper Potts. The story won second place in the Movellas competition "Alternate Universe".)


1. Unofficial: Pre-production

Stark's marketing team had fucked up. Or maybe they had done better than anyone hoped. All Tony knew was his new line of safe, eco-friendly energy had been getting a lot of attention. Just not because of the possibilities and amazement at the idea of a healthier enviroment.

The series had been launched along with a branding campaign called "Go Blue". The general idea was to both promote Stark Industries' products and their image by Stark showing them around Avengers Tower and talking benefits with Banner joining him for an extra pair of eyes. The other Avengers hadn't been present, but those who had been able to, joined in with a thumbs up of approval. And everyone was for the fun twist, wearing a pair of blue shoes.

The takes were a bit rough and the outtakes had been hid in the deepest, darkest corner of JARVIS' database, but you easily got the general idea, when you got over the fact that, yes, Science Bros were a thing, and yeah, apparently Hulk wasn't a green rage giant all the time, and oh, Steve was freaking hot shirtless and sweaty (what a surprise!).

And now the whole world was rooting for a reality show with their favorite heroes, including most of the board of Stark Industries and Pepper.


"Not you too, babe," whined the genius. "This is a terrible idea, through and through."

Pepper glared at him over the rim of her wineglass. "Actually it's an amazing opportunity. It will promote both the Avengers and Stark Industries a lot. I talked to Nicholas. SHIELD is backing me up here. You need the good rep to continue in the business. And our business won't suffer under popularity, will it now?"

Apparently SHIELD were rooting for a reality show as well.

She sipped at her wine, while Tony spluttered in the seat across from her. "Besides, I already hired a camera crew."

"I- wait, what? No! No camera crew. If we are doing this, it will be my way. I have the nessecary drones, just give me 'til the day tomorrow and you will have an army of full-functioning mini JARVISes able for all purposes."

"You better." Pepper smiled, genuinely, and then her eyes sparkled like that, Tony couldn't help but smile back. Something he would have gagged at, before his wonderful girlfriend.


Fury sighed as Tony's number flashed across his phone. Did he actually want to deal with this? "Stark."

"Patchy the Pirate." Stark's tone was sarcastically formal. "What's up? No, no, let me guess. You have been terrorising Peter Pan? Nah, not your style, it's more effectively kill target -stuff. What about some classified spy shit, which could have meant the end of society as we know it? No, don't answer, I know about that already; you still haven't upgraded your firewalls by the way. But what have you been doing? C'mon, you know this, Stark. Oh yeah! You have just been busy pitting my girlfriend against me! Really, Number 2?"

Fury gritted his teeth. He really didn't want to deal with this. "You need the positive attention, if only to keep the World Council at bay. There's a lot of powerful people that aren't happy right now, mister Stark."

"Mhmmm, not listening. But let's cut the bullshit; I'm assuming that Clint and Natasha are already onboard, and do we know anything about Popsicle and the Hammer-dude?"

The spy had an illogical urge to sigh in relief. "Yes, Romanoff and Barton are in. Rodgers have given an okay. Thor is unreachable for the moment, but considering his upbringing, he won't have any problems with it. I expect the first footage to arrive at my desk soon, mister Stark."

"Yeah, not happening. This is my project now. But don't worry, my angry friend, I will be sure to put SHIELD on the cast-list as co-creators." Beep. Fury did sigh in relief this time. This was not going as planned, but it was still going considerably well.

"Hill, get me Xavier on the private line." Not for the first time, did Fury wonder; why hadn't he just asked the X-Men for help?


Bruce Banner considered himself experienced in dealing with all the shit life threw at you. The reality show wasn't even that bad an idea, so he just shrugged it off and went on with his research projects in his newly assigned, Stark-approved labs.

He was a bit jittery these days. It was nice to have a safe haven, it really was. But even though he knew he could leave, he still felt restricted. Bruce had grown used to wide open spaces in his travels. New York City just didn't provide him with the same feeling.

"Bruce!" Stark entered his labs with the same cocky flurry of limbs, he always did. "I need you to sign the contract-thingy, so I can get this show on the road and you can add the title 'reality star' to your resume."

A smile quirked on the scientist's lips, as he took the stack of papers from his friend. Scanning through it there wasn't anything really unusual - for someone who lived his life at least - and he signed on the dotted line. "I'm sure 'reality star' will be a nice contrast next to nuclear physicist and spare-time rage monster."

Stark made a grand gesture, a chuckle escaping him, even as he nearly tipped a beacon of gooey liquid off the table. He quickly abandoned his half-laugh in order to stabilise the container, spilling a bit of the chemical concoction over his hands in the process. "Uh, this stuff isn't dangerous, right?"

"Depends on what you're talking about," muttered Banner, distractedly shuffling through a stack of papers. "I have a few projects who differ greatly in need of being careful."

Stark paled a bit, and Bruce fought down a grin, trying to appear busy with his notes. "It's the green goo? I have no idea what this is. And I might have had skin contact with it. No, correction, I'm still having skin contact with it."

The billionaire made a beeline for the sink.

"Dont worry, it's nothing, Tony. That mixture couldn't hurt a fly." Bruce finally looked up and winked at the other man. "However, I just cleaned up some equipment that contained some biochemical, actually hurtful stuff, so stay away from the beacons in the sink, please. Your contract is on the table, by the way. I have something brewing, I have to go check on."

Stark snatched the contract, before turning for the door. "Allright-y then. Don't stay up too late, Brucey."

"Still not a participant in your How many all-nighters can I manage? -contest, Tony."


New York didn't have the same familiarity anymore. Even Brooklyn felt unrecognisable. Steve had gotten used to change after waking up. Nothing was the same anymore and it was never going to be again. That didn't mean, it stopped hurting. In general it was easier, walking the streets of somewhere, he had never known. You couldn't compare it on an emotional level then.

SHIELD had granted him time off after The Battle of New York (people actually called it that?) and at first he had been busy seeking out everything with a touch of familiarity; Peggy, war buddies, art museums with exhibitions from the '30es.

But Peggy was old, dying and gave Steve guilty feelings. The few remaining (alive) soldiers he had fought with could only talk about lifes with PTSD, alcohol abuse and everything in between after the war ended. Steve had gotten angry initially; these people were heroes, who had fought and lost and won, and the government had given them a pat on the head and sent them to rot in the streets.

It hadn't helped either for Steve's sake of cheering up.

And the various museums had been an empty experience.

After concluding his approach on vacation a failure, he had chosen to try new directions.

It had somewhat become a roadtrip. Just taking in as much as possible. And a lot was possible, since people got around so fast today. He had been all over most of the US by now. Not really the public places. It was a rare occurence, that someone actually realised who he was under the dirty cap and worn hoodie, but he wasn't willing to take the risk. Instead he had opted to find the more obscure experiences.

It was great.

A breath of fresh air.

Still, he knew it wouldn't last. And of course it didn't. Fury was suddenly on his motel-service line, talking in a complicated matter about something called a 'reality show'? Steve had discovered the wonder of technocolor a long time ago (of course he had!), but he still wasn't familiar with anything not documentaries or quiz-shows. 

Eventually the director had gotten the point across. Steve said "Yeah, that's fine, I guess." and nothing else happened.

Until a week and a half later then Hill flashed across his computer screen, nearly giving him a heartattack and definitely getting him weird looks from the librarian. She was extra suspicious of his activities on the official PCs for the rest of the night. "I'll make it brief, Rodgers. Tony is probably already on the move." Maria's face tightened. "Stark has taken over the promotion show - project. Fury discussed this with you last week. He will be your official employer for the whole process. His contract has probably already arrived. SHIELD has approved of the conditions, so you don't have to worry."

Steve blinked and opened his mouth to answer, before realising this was a library and the woman in charge was already giving him the stinky eye. He settled for typing 'Thanks for the heads up, Hill.' and she smiled tightly before leaving him with his Google-search bar, keywords already halfway typed.


Someone was in his room. On his couch. And watching some soap opera on his TV.

Steve pulled out a gun from his shin holster. Even though the shield was by far his favorised choice, there was no being too careful and he had taken to carrying the light weight, handheld gun around there the shield wouldn't be able to come.

The man on his sofa still hadn't realised he had gotten company. The Captain cleared his throat loudly and watched as the person flinched at the sound, before spinning around in panic, all wide eyes and flailing limbs. This clearly wasn't an professional. Steve relaxed just a tad, but kept the Browning trained on his intruder.

Who apparently was a very young, awkward looking guy... with blue skin?

"Please don't shoot, Captain Rodgers. It would be very bad for me. Professor would be very mad at bullet-holes and I'm not even supposed to be here." His heavily accented English seemed limited and stilted. "I-I.. I was sent by mister Stark, yes? You are friend with mister Stark, so don't shoot."

Steve lowered his gun slightly, trying to make sense of the situation. "Who are you?"

The younger man - boy, really - spluttered and the tail Steve hadn't realised he possessed, swung around agitatedly. "Ah! Forgive me, mister Rodgers! I am Kur- Eh, I am not sure I can tell. But.. But my alias be Nightcrawler. You heard of Nightcrawler, right? Part of the X-Men."

He went from sorry to nervous to proud in seconds, and Steve had a hard time understanding most of what he said because of the German accent. He had never heard of a Nightcrawler, but the X-Men were a well-known topic on the gossip-mill amongst the agents of SHIELD. The opinions were scattered, but they had proven their worth a long time ago. Still, SHIELD were nothing if not paranoid.

The gun went back into it's holster and he walked around the sofa to disconnect his television. The sounds of deepfelt crying and angry yelling was getting distracting. "I guess I can work with that. What does Tony want?"

"Mister Stark send me with papers for you. Normally I do not do jobs like this, but mister Stark said he needed them signed pronto." The X-Man pulled a slightly crumbled contract from his jacket's inner pocket. "You need to sign, so I can bring back quickly. Professor will be mad, if he knows, I help Iron Man."

Steve shuffled through them, distractedly glancing at the odd, young man before him. "Professor X, I assume?"

"Yes, he does not like students not sleeping at night."

"Well, anyway, it seems legit, here you go." Steve grabbed the pen from his sofa-table and signed the stippled line, before handing it over.

"Thank you, Captain. I have to go now." Steve went in for a quick handshake, but the guy had disappeared. He didn't even feel like being confused. Too much effort.


Natasha hid a smile, as the other undercover SHIELD agent stumbled across the lobby to reach her, in an obviously fake attempt at looking uncoordinated. Clint was many things, but disguises and pretending still wasn't strong points of his.

But apparently the postal officer get-up, the askew cap and the nervous way he held himself was enough to believe he wasn't an threat. This military base was kind of pathetic to be honest.

"You are miss Thompsen, right, ma'am?" Clint's voice drawled out loudly as he reached her. Natasha nearly couldn't keep in her snort, as some of the official staff glared at him, for being so loud.

She kept walking, Clint following behind her into the base. She kept her voice stony. "Yeah, I am."

They walked further along the hallways, reaching a remote part of the building. "Good, good, I have a package for you. From...-" He made an obvious show out of peering closely at the names on the sticker. "-a Tony Spark."

This time she couldn't hold on to her snort and Clint grinned mischeviously at her in the empty hallway. She pushed them into an empty office, just as someone rounded the corner.

They waited in silence until the guard was gone, before closing the door quietly. "Hi, Nat."

Natasha wasn't a sentimental type, but she did smile softly at the other. In the sterile light of a loftlamp, his tired demeanor became very clear. Natasha had been getting regular updates about her partner, while on the current mission. She wanted to be at his side right now. Knew how much he was struggling, but couldn't refuse a mission.

"I assume the package is from the director about his pet project?"

Clint scratched his chin nervously. "Not exactly," he mumbled. "It really is from Stark. He forcefully adopted Fury's project."

Natasha ripped open the sealed plastic bag and quickly looked through the contents. "Oh." That was a surprise. "And Fury's really onboard with this?"

The other laughed out loud. "He's kind of pissed at having lost all control over our social image, but he has conceded enough to let me be Stark's personal delivery boy, hasn't he?"

She mulled over his words before turning back to the contract. "Anything I should be aware of upon signing this?"

Clint shrugged. "Don't know. I think you should expect a lot less private time, but aside from that... nah, not really anything. SHIELDs legal department has evaluated it safe. I wouldn't trust those guys not to have missed something important, though."

It was not secret, that Clint hated SHIELDs lawyers with passion. Natasha didn't have the full story, but they had definitely fucked up a lot; Clint didn't trust them with anything. Upon legal issues he had become a regular client at Nelson and Murdock, a small law firm in New York City. He had been a client there for a long time by now.

Natasha put a soothing hand on his shoulder and reached for the pen in his breastpocket, signing her name and shuffling the papers back into the packaging. "You should probably get going...-" She squinted at his nametag. "-Willie Lumpkin. Really? The Fantastic Four would have a field day with this."

"Hey! Don't you dare, Natasha. Besides it was either this or Pat Clifton. I'm sure you prefer Willie then."

She snickered. "Still, I wish, I had a picture of this. Susan would love it."

Clint grumbled at her. His humor was backfiring badly right now. He snatched the papers he came for and began packing them away in his postal employee messenger bag. "Hurry up and either get solid evidence or kill the guy. I'm bored out of my mind, not being able to go on missions. Boss has me doing paperwork. Paperwork!"

Natasha nodded and shrugged. "Shouldn't be too long by now. This place has so many loose ends and easy security breaches. It's practically child's play and I still don't get why, I were assigned it."

They flicked off the light, allowing the darkness it's right, before parting ways in the hallway, Natasha heading for her office and Clint for the main entrance.


Tony had seen the mutant kid off. His hands was playing with the corner of the front page from Kurt's delivery as he went to his office. The place had been his official work-space, when he was still operating Stark Industries. His workshop had still been the place to find him, though.

The office was spacious and expensive but way too stereotypical for Tony to ever have designed. Coincidentally, he hadn't.

"JARVIS, how's the mini-you project coming along?" He sealed the documents in a new convolute and put them away.

"It's going well, sir. They should be ready to deploy by tomorrow." A couple of absent nods was the AI's answer. "And sir, may I suggest something daring? Try being human and catch up on the sleep you haven't gotten in the past fifty-three hours."

Tony blinked. "Fifty-three hours? Already?" Then the confusion molded into a scowl. "What do you mean 'try being human'?"

"What are you talking about, sir? Maybe the lack of sleep is making you delusional."






Quick notes:

This is set somewhere after the first Avengers movie.

It's an AU (duh!), but following a lot of headcanon, not delving into a completely different universe.

The headcanon in this work is going to be really messed up. Most of it will lean towards MCU, but there'll still be notable differences. I have chosen to take a lot of liberties for the sake of freedom and creativity.

I think Thor's upbringing as a prince in Asgard will make him very comfortable in the face of publicity and therefore he probably won't have a problem with starring on a TV show.

You can't tell me Fury wouldn't get advice from Charles Xavier if he had the chance.

Bruce Banner obviously moved in permanently with Stark in Avengers Tower.

I have absolutely no idea, then it comes to chemistry and anything even remotely science-y in general, so please don't take notice of the technical aspects.

Steve likes quiz-shows because they are a good learning experience and entertaining. It's a fun way of getting a bit more acclimated to the 21st century.

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) has made a cameo. I like they guy and his version in the X-Men movies are way too cute. Tony is a massive manipulator then he wants to be, so of course he will be able to impress Kurt and use it to his own advantage. Not necessarily bad, but, you know, it's Stark.

Willie Lumpkin is the name of a postal worker that usually cooperates a lot with Fantastic Four, if you didn't know.

Thor isn't introduced right away, because he's off-world and while I do have most of Norse Mythology down to the tee, I don't have a solid grip on Marvel's version of the mythology. Aside from that, I'm not sure what the correct version of most of the names would be, considering I only know them in Danish. I think he will make his first appearance around chapter four.

Deadpool and Daredevil won't be introduced right away either (most of you probably discovered my little reference in this chapter, though). This is because of the plotline, but they are main characters as well and will get a lot of attention later on.

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