Go Blue - A campaign gone right

Stark Industries' new campaign "Go Blue" has ironically been getting a lot less focus on the non-harmful energy part, and a lot more attention on the idea of an Avengers reality TV-show. Tony was never one to disappoint and it's a downright disaster.
(Fandom is Marvel. Main-focus is going to be the Avengers, Daredevil and Deadpool. Confirmed ship(s): Deadpool/Daredevil AKA Wade Wilson/Matt Murdock and Tony Stark/Pepper Potts. The story won second place in the Movellas competition "Alternate Universe".)


2. Episode 1

We Are The Avengers
Episode 1 - Introductory


Avengers Tower, New York, United States of America.

"Hi there, dear viewers. It's your very own Iron Man." Tony smiled excitedly and made a grand gesture around the quite large room. "Welcome to the newly dubbed Avengers Tower. I thought that since this is the pilot episode, I should get you used to this place. After all it's the Avengers official place, and both Bruce and I live here."

He frowned. "Or he lives here permanently and I'm here, like, ninety percent of the time." The frown faded into a smirk. "Well, moving on, let's go find Bruce. He should be around somewhere."

Trying not to complicate the living situation was kind of hard. Tony had never been good at staying in one place and Pepper didn't want her home to be her workplace, so then her and Tony spent time together, it was for the most part in some of his other, more private locations. Bruce wasn't really a fan of being trapped in a place and he'd been going stir-crazy in the beginning, but as he said; If I don't get used to having one home, I will never be able to settle even a little. Tony hadn't argued that his beach-house was a great location to visit as well, because the scientist stare was the stuff born of being life's bitch.

The billionare made a show out of looking under the couch. "He's pretty quiet most of the time," he explained with a wink. "But I think we can safely say he ain't here. Oh yeah, and here, is the common floor, by the way. All the Avengers - be they permanent residents or visitors - has access to this floor, to socialise or whatever. There's a kitchen and a dining room and we're in the living room with various seating arrangements and a mini-bar. And don't forget the private cinema. I'm a bit of a go big or go home guy."

Tony lifted an eyebrow at the camera, his smirk widening into a grin.


"We're now on a different floor, if you hadn't already guessed by the sterile white feel-" Someone accidently bumped into Tony. There was a quick shuffle backwards, as the lady nearly fell to the ground along with her papers.

She looked at Tony Stark and then at all her documents laying messily around and blushed with embarrasment while muttering. "Oh, sorry, mr. Stark, didn't see you there."

As she bend down to pick up her research, Stark finally realised who the other was and began to help her. "Don't worry so much, Moira. But do try to watch where you're going. Charles will be mad if you were to get hurt in one of my departments... Or maybe not mad, but he would look very disappointed and God, has that man perfected the kicked puppy -look."

Moira laughed out loud. "You got that right. I think it's a required part of being the self-sacrificing character, that he is."

Tony handed over the last of her papers and waved her off with a smile. She muttered a distracted goodbye, already busy with her documents again.

"That was Moira, she's one of the best people around. Woman knows how to do her job and do it better than ninety-nine percent of my science departments. Sadly, she's not a permanent employee. But anyway, Bruce should be in his labs, so let's get going. And on a second note, did I remember to tell you, that it's Bruce Banner AKA the Hulk we're looking for?"


Knocking on the non-descript door, but not bothering to wait for any kind of action, Tony barged in to Bruce's labs. The place was a bit messy and Bruce himself was looming over the sink, washing down some of his equipment then his friend burst in. He lost his grip on the glass tube in his hands, which managed to shatter all over the floor.

Tiredly drying his hands on a towel, Bruce slowed down his breathing and stared disapprovingly at first the broken mess of glass and then at Stark. "Well, that's a waste."

Being the Hulk and coincidentally on the run for most of his life, Banner's sleep schedule had always been ever-changing and practically non-existent. The years of awareness and adrenaline had made it tough to adjust to the idea of just going to bed and he hadn't exactly gotten a lot of sleep since moving in. It was becoming very visible in his face, movements and reactions.

"Nah, I'll get JARVIS to buy you a whole new set." Stark shrugged, trying to appear unconcerned, and motioned to the camera. "Brucie, say hello to our dear viewers."

The other man stared at the camera and fidgeted nervously. "Uhm, hello."

"Awww, come on, give them an introduction." Getting a glare for his troubles, the billionaire turned towards the camera himself, stage-whispering:"Don't worry, he will warm up to you eventually. Next time I'll come with a peace offering of herbal tea and a weird mix of old and modern literature, then his demeanor will loosen up."

He turned towards the door. "See you later."

Bruce muttered something not particularly nice under his breath, but raised a hand in acknowledgement.


"So... That went well." Stark scratched his nape sheepishly, nearly spilling the drink he'd just poured all over himself. "Bruce is still not acclimated to his new living arrangements, so don't judge him. It will get better with time. Besides, he's a super cool dude... once you get past the terrible smell of herbal tea and potentially deadly anger issues."

He downed his glass and gestured around himself. "Anyway, the other Avengers' aren't a permanent fixation in the tower, so they're going to get the rest of the screen-time now. Except Thor. He's kind of busy being a royal prince or something AKA not available. See ya!"


Undisclosed location

Someone tapped the screen. "Is this thing on?" Sounded from somewhere behind the hand. "Nat, does the red thing means it on? Or does it need, like, a battery change?"

A face popped into view. Shaggy, blond hair and blue eyes staring intently.

"It's Tony's, I don't think you need to worry about anything, moron." Natasha Romanoff forcibly removed her partner from the vicinity of the camera, so you got a view of both her and their settings. "Welcome to Clint's very humble abode."

The outraged squeak from the archer made her eyes roll in their sockets. For someone with a high wage like Barton's, he certainly had a way of finding terrible living conditions positively cozy. As much as he may brag, Clint's farmstead had been a downright dumb since his divorce.

As if to prove her point, the couch creaked ominously underneath them. Her partner just leaned further back into the stained cushions and pouted sourly. "You wouldn't say that, if you knew how much I orginally had to give for this place."

"What, all two grands?" Now he was definitely pouting.

Almost having forgot, Natasha turned back to the camera. "We're supposed to be introducing ourselves, stupid." She added "I'm Natasha Romanoff and this is my partner Clint Barton."

The sound of heavy paws on creaking wood reached the camera, just as the archer proclaimed:"And this is Lucky."

A huge dog ran right into the side of the couch, still managing to right itself again, and proceeded to jump on top of Clint with excited vigor, making the former Red Room spy sigh in a tired fashion.

"And Lucky knows, he's not allowed on the furniture," she told her partner with steel in her voice, making both man and dog whine at her.

"C'mon, Nat." Clint dragged out, but shoved Lucky off the sofa anyway. On the floor again, Lucky tried looking pathetic for a second, before deciding it had gotten boring and stumbling onwards, down the hall. Clint grumbled at his traitorous ways while his partner watched, amused.

He looked up, silently communicating with her, before shaking his head hestistantly.

"Eh, I guess we're SHIELD employees?" It came out like a question instead of a statement, and the other spy supplied. "He means, that while we're still employed at and work for SHIELD, our main priority is now the Avengers. Anything you want to add, Barton?"

"I'm Hawkeye not Hawkguy."


Motel, Nevada, United States of America.

Somewhere across the country, Steve sent his own mini-Jarvis a distrustful glance. How the heck was he supposed to go about every-day with a mini-drone following his every move? Anonymity had just gotten a whole lot harder.

Clearing his throat and nodding awkwardly at the camera, he tried to find some welcoming words. "Eh, hey there? I'm Steve Rodgers. You probably figured that out already..." A nervous itch made itself present and he absentmindedly scratched it, stuttering through a quick explanation of him being old and Captain America. "I'm currently catching up on- learning about modern culture. So feel free to send a suggestion or two my way."

Something creaked above him and he eyed the old and horrible-looking chandelier with suspicion. It had creaked the whole night before in a way that had kept Steve from getting peaceful rest.

"Don't worry, this ain't my permanent residence. Even I have better taste than this." He mumbled the last part. And it was true. Even though Steve had gotten heckled a lot about the five pairs of old-school suspenders and his apparently terrible dress-pants, he had found a way of mixing newer clothing with his oldie-way. Besides, Tony had mentioned, that his impressive physique more than made up for the fact, that he lacked style. Which was good? Steve wasn't too sure about anything the other Avenger said.

Steve pulled out his phone as the first tones hit him. It was Stark's design, made to help him accomodate, but the man still had fun with making his ringtone change between bad pop-songs, which Steve didn't know, each week. He had managed to grow fond of Lady Gaga, though. On a particularly bad week, with SHIELD storming his phone every other minute, he had given up at last, leaned back into his couch and let "Just a second, it's my favorite song, they're gonna play.." put him to sleep.

Checking the ID, he smiled at the camera. "I have to take this. See you later."






Quick notes:

Moira is Moira MacTaggert. We aren't going cannonically with the X-Men Cinematic Universe here, since I prefer to take her back to being a top-dollar scientist instead. She's still one of Charles Xavier's love interests.

I just can't see Bruce getting comfortable in this new enviroment quickly. This guy is used to lumpy madrasses or even the ground at times, so it made sense to me, that he'd still be overwhelmed at this point.

Okay, so Clint is divorced and Laura has the kids. Clint got Lucky and the farm, but of course hasn't been taking proper care of the farm, because he's a mess. You would be too if you didn't have your family by your side, lost one of your best friends and got mind-controlled into killing people. Also I love Lucky the Pizza Dog, so he's included.

Natasha and Clint are very domestic in their spare-time according to this story. I can't help but imagine Clint having been extra clingy after his divorce, which he took out on a select few, Coulson and Natasha being two of them. And since Coulson has been offed at this point, I thought Natasha would step up to the task in his stead, getting a bit softer than she would usually portray herself.

Steve is young. I know this. But circumstances has needed wise beyond his actual years out of the ice, which he accomodated to. So while Steve is definitely in his twenties, he's still older in mind than anyone else. It's actually something that pisses me off, to be honest. To be given that much responsibility at his age, is sad in a tragedic way. I feel the other characters forget that normal people Steve's age are getting drunk and attending college classes, while he's getting shot at and blamed for occurences out of his control.

This chapter (episode) has a different structural build compared to the other's.

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