Perfect Illusions

In which the lies of our daily lives are presented and discussed.

Til den danske Pretty Little Liars Skrivekonkurrence, med valgmulighed nr. 3: "Skriv en tekst, der er bygget op omkring en løgn."


1. Explanation

Hello my dear readers, if there are any out there. 

The reason why I have posted both a short version and a long version, is because of the competition it is entered in. The short version is better tailored to the demands of this competition, whereas the long version is uncut, so to say. It gets a little off track from the competition, so I decided to post it as two different chapters. 

Thank you all for reading my essay-thingy, I hope you enjoy it! :-)

Btw, of course you should feel free to write feedback and comments on the essay and topic in general!

- Chanice

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