The Way-Too-Big Book of Self-Indulgent Drawings

These are all the drawings I did based on my own books. As you can see, I'm an egomaniac, hence this one's the biggest. I do love my characters.


34. "White paint overload"- Diana Velasquez

Hey, if you guys don't know, I'm currently writing a NEW book all about an eighteen-year-old girl trying to protect her family from monsters that killed her girlfriend. Her name is Diana Velasquez- I'm not going to post the book on here, aside from maybe a few chapters of the introduction when it's more polished, because I'm thinking of doing something with it in the publishing vein and it's also too rough, but I'll still post all the art! Here she is, with her scars and her sword, looking cool as hell. I think she's my favourite protagonist so far- maybe it's because she occasionally does stuff instead of staring out into a void and sighing like all my other protagonists. Hm.


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