The Way-Too-Big Book of Self-Indulgent Drawings

These are all the drawings I did based on my own books. As you can see, I'm an egomaniac, hence this one's the biggest. I do love my characters.


118. "Butter wouldn't melt"- Mary-Ann Lansfield portrait

The thing about Mary-Ann Lansfield is that she's the sweetest-looking girl ever. She's petite and plump with rosy cheeks, perfect skin, pink lips, and great big beguiling blue eyes. She looks like an angel. The other thing about Mary-Ann Lansfield is that she's actually the child from HELL, convinced she's possessed by a demon and determined to convince as many people of the fact as she can. She's got none of Maria Stoker's sweetness or sense of humour, but looks ten times more adorable in her portrait.


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