The Way-Too-Big Book of Self-Indulgent Drawings

These are all the drawings I did based on my own books. As you can see, I'm an egomaniac, hence this one's the biggest. I do love my characters.


62. "Back to crazy town"- Mary-Ann/Jean mashup

Ah, and here we are again- in CRAZY THEORY TOWN. Jamie would be proud of me. Anyway, here's Jean Valentown, a.k.a Maria Stoker, a.k.a Mary-Ann Lansfield according to this loopy-arse theory, a.k.a Queen of the Vampires, being a badass in her sixteenth and 243rd years on the planet with her pyrokinesis, first normal, then ghostly. Yeah, I don't flipping know either, but I really wanted to find a way for her not to have died in Bump in the Night because I love her too much. And plus, it's pretty as hell.


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