The Way-Too-Big Book of Self-Indulgent Drawings

These are all the drawings I did based on my own books. As you can see, I'm an egomaniac, hence this one's the biggest. I do love my characters.


114. "A worrying evolution"- Mary-Ann miniseries

I drew these five silly doodles of the different bits of Mary-Ann/ Maria's life. Because damnit, I'll NEVER be through with drawing her, ever. So the first three are from her life with her parents in 1817- In posh clothes, in her nightgown and possessed, and right after being turned into a vampire ​when she's all torn up. (She's wearing the wrong dress, but I drew these before I started to write the book.) Then, there's the gorgeous 1997-era Maria, the one Scotty fell in love with, in all her goth finery. The last one is ridiculous, but it's another one of my sister's and my daft theories that Maria is the art teacher at the school in her book "Welcome to Emberly", so she's wearing weird art-teachery type clothes and big glasses. 1997 Maria is my favourite. 


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