The Way-Too-Big Book of Self-Indulgent Drawings

These are all the drawings I did based on my own books. As you can see, I'm an egomaniac, hence this one's the biggest. I do love my characters.


106. "A REAL man"- Robert Walker portrait

Yes, my stepdad was flicking through my drawing folder, remarking on how I've got a problem drawing manly-looking men (not being mean; just commenting), and then turned the page to this one, jabbed his finger down and went "Now, THAT'S a REAL man." Guess it's coz of the big beard. I found the comment especially funny because a lot of my "metrosexual", "feminine" male characters are totally strong unshakeable badasses, whereas Robert here does nothing but stare up at the sky and then die before spending the rest of the book running around as a zombie in an arseless hospital gown.


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