The Way-Too-Big Book of Ripoff Drawings

I like to draw. A lot. They vary in quality, but my drawings are always super colourful and quite interesting to look at, I've been told, so I thought I'd post them here. This is the section for all my fan drawings; I'm gonna have to make another book for my original stuff because there's a bit too much of it.


46. "Skeleton Rose"- Frosty_Foxy fanart

It wasn't easy, but I can draw blobs that look like bones and my borderline mental obsession with drawing tattoos on myself has schooled me in drawing flowers, so it didn't turn out so badly! It was for a book cover, I was told, so I tried to stylise it a little more than usual. It actually looks quite a bit like a tattoo design, now I think about it... Maybe I should get one on my arm where there's still space. XD


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