The Way-Too-Big Book of Ripoff Drawings

I like to draw. A lot. They vary in quality, but my drawings are always super colourful and quite interesting to look at, I've been told, so I thought I'd post them here. This is the section for all my fan drawings; I'm gonna have to make another book for my original stuff because there's a bit too much of it.


33. "Animal lovers"- Jewell characters

I doodled these guys for Jewell, and I think they're from a cool fantasy story or maybe a Peculiar Children fanfic (based only on the bees). I love both of their clothes, and I also like how they both kind of match each other (they look like sisters, which was an accident). Anyway, I left the background blank because it looked better with all the details and stuff. It has to be said that I did need to edit this on MS Paint to give them actual facial expressions- on paper, they look a bit blank and kind of miserable XD


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