I am sure everyone is consumed by the general election (which I am unable to vote in, to my dismay), however, I have been having a recurring irritation in my life which I shall address with poetry

1. dabble

they can smell it on you, 

the cigarettes, 

even after the first time you put one to your lips.

it was a party, it was your friends.

and even with perfume, 

and a shower,

and toothpaste and mouthwash and toothbrushes and food,

the smell lingered, acrid and acidic in your breath when you laughed.

their asthma is pretty bad right now, 

unrelated to your habit, it just happened, but -

it amuses you, not in a cruel way but in a, 

you think you can joke about it way, 

in a, they won't mind way, 

in a, you never really bothered to ask if they did kind of way-

it does, but tight-lipped as ever they remain ever neutral.

they often comment about their hate of smoking, it's illogicality, 

but you would never smoke around them, 

and they always seemed fine when you walked between passers-by,

cigarettes on their lips, smoke in their lungs.

they can smell it on your breath and they say nothing, 

its not their place to say,

despite feeling in their lungs the decay, 

the disease that eats away at them already only made worse by that smell. 

other things too, but they can never escape that smell. 

it stains furniture and skin and clothes and cloth and hair, 

so it is ever present in the air around them. 

light hearted jokes about that they should smoke, they're just jokes, 

"you're so stressed: maybe you should go outside and smoke?"

they analyse your words in confusion, 

and with that same face they make in their confusion, 

utter words alluding to their confusion.

you laugh proclaiming a joke, they can never take a joke.

you walk home, cigarette in hand, chuckling a little,

you've fooled them into thinking you'd never smoke, 

that to you it's a joke - foolish act of teenage rebellion.

they know the death that stains your lips, 

that yellows your finger tips, 

the black that spreads in your lungs, 

and kills not only your but them as well. 

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