Callidora Black: A Witch's Tale

The night that Lily and James Potter died it was understandable for Remus Lupin to be in a state of shock and grief. What he didn't expect was a bundle on his doorstep with a note from the man who allegedly betrayed him and their friends. As the child grows, strange things other than usual wizard magic beings to happen and leaves Remus to wonder just what the child's heritage was. Will he ever find out? Will Sirius be able to tell him? Will Sirius ever get to be a father to his daughter? Read to find out


20. Shopping Trip

Severus looked at the time and said "I must be going now. Dumbledore will be getting back to the castle and plotting. I will be in touch Remus." 

Remus nodded "Okay Severus. Stay safe." 

The Potions Master nodded before turning to the two children in front of him. He looked into the eyes of his dead best friend and said: "It was a pleasure meeting you Harry, I hope to see you again soon." 

The shy boy smiled and answered, "I hope to see you soon Severus." 

Snape's lips twitched towards a smile before he turned to the daughter of his other arch nemesis. He spoke with deep sincerity "Thank you again Callidora. I owe you a great debt and I will also see you soon." 

She grinned and waved as he disappeared through the front door and towards the apparition point out back. Callidora looked up at her father "Daddy, why is Severus so thankful for his tattoo being gone? Couldn't it have been removed before?"

Remus shook his head "No sweetheart. The Dark Wizard I've told you about gave it to Severus and there is an infusion of Dark Magic in it that makes it so that it does not come off. People have tried for years now and they cannot ever get it off because they cannot find a spell that counteracts the magic that the Dark Wizard put into it. That is why he is so grateful that you healed it because no one has ever been able to do it." 

Callidora nodded before changing the topic gracefully "Can we take Harry on the celebration outing now?" 

Remus grinned at his daughter "Absolutely." 

The door opened again and Andromeda stepped through it "Sorry guys, I had to take a call." 

She saw Harry standing with Remus and Callidora and was grinning broadly "Miss. Andy, Remus, and Callidora are taking me shopping and for dinner. Would you like to come?" 

Andromeda smiled at the little boy and answered: "I would love to Harry."

Remus shared a broad grin with her before he and Sirius' cousin changed into Muggle clothes and headed out the door. They got into Andromeda's car and headed to Muggle London to do the shopping, with Callidora happily blabbing about how happy she was to have a brother while the other three smiled fondly at her. 

They pulled into the parking area for the shopping mall and got out of the car. Callidora took Remus' hand out of habit while grabbing Andromeda's hand also. Harry grabbed Remus' other hand and they entered the mall. 

Remus said "Harry, I don't want you to let go of my hand at any time during this trip. If you lose my hand, grab Callidora's or Andy's. I just got you, I don't want to lose you." 

Harry answered "Okay Remus. I understand." 

Remus grinned at the boy who smiled back shyly. 

The group's first stop was the kid's clothing store for a brand new wardrobe for Harry. Remus and Andromeda grinned as Callidora held up shirts for Harry saying 'How about this?' or 'I don't think this is you Harry, maybe the next one.' The two adults offered their input when asked, but otherwise, they let the kids pick out their clothes. As the shopping cart got fuller Remus noticed Harry's slightly uncomfortable expression. 

He bent down in front of the young boy as Andromeda took Callidora to pick out a pair of play shoes since hers were getting a little tight. He asked, "What's wrong Harry, you seem uncomfortable by something?" 

Harry looked at his shoes and answered "I just worry and feel bad that you're going to be spending all of this money on me, I mean this shopping trip can't be cheap. I don't really think you need to spend this much on someone like me when you can spend it on Callidora; she is the one that really deserves this shopping trip. I don't want to put you out..." 

Remus pulled Harry's head up to meet his eyes and he answered "Harry, I want to do this. Your parents and you have always been family to me, and now it is official. You are my family, and this is what family is supposed to do for each other. You deserve to have clothes that are unique to you, that have things on it that YOU like, not just plain threadbare clothes without so much as even a dinosaur..." Harry let out a small grin at the mention of the scene earlier where Callidora had attempted to make T-rex noises while showing him a T-rex shirt that would look absolutely cute on him (and if Callidora got a Pterodactyl shirt to go along with her new brothers....well no one mentioned it). 

Remus continued "Harry, you will always be family to me and I will treat you just like I treat Callidora. She has her own clothes that match her style and her own room that she picked out when she was old enough to redecorate it and you deserve the same treatment. Don't worry about how much this trip costs, because YOU Harry James Potter, is worth every pound." 

Harry threw his arms around Remus, it was the first time that someone had actually showed him kindness enough to want to give him gifts. 

Remus hugged Harry back and silently thanked any higher power that was listening for the step forward in the healing process. 

The werewolf pulled back and smirked at his new charge "Now let's go find the girls before they get themselves in trouble, hmmm?" 

Harry grinned and nodded, taking Remus' hand without hesitation making the lycanthrope grin brightly. 


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