Callidora Black: A Witch's Tale

The night that Lily and James Potter died it was understandable for Remus Lupin to be in a state of shock and grief. What he didn't expect was a bundle on his doorstep with a note from the man who allegedly betrayed him and their friends. As the child grows, strange things other than usual wizard magic beings to happen and leaves Remus to wonder just what the child's heritage was. Will he ever find out? Will Sirius be able to tell him? Will Sirius ever get to be a father to his daughter? Read to find out


15. Last Will and Testimony ("Hogwart's Edition)

So I decided to break the Will reading into two chapters so it wouldn't be too long. But I hope you enjoy my story so far. Thanks for reading :). Just a Reminder James' words will be written in bold, Lily's will be written in italics, and both of their words as one will be written underlined. 

Remus' attention was brought back to Gorgit as he started to read again "To Minerva McGonagall...anyway, so Minnie. If our pet kneazle somehow lives, he is in your care and even Lily thinks you would like him. I also gift you with a Transfiguration book that has been passed down through the Potter generations. I hope you like it and will take good care of it since I will no longer have the use for it. I would also like to apologize for causing you so much trouble in school, but you were just so fun to see the reactions from. You were definitely a good professor though and I am absolutely proud to be one of your students and Lions. Sincerely, James Potter ." Remus was shocked to see tears well up in McGonagall's eyes and he passed her a tissue just in case she would need it as Gorgit read the next part "To Professor McGonagall. As a proud lion and transfiguration student, I leave you with these copies of pictures of Harry during our years away from the public view. I think you will like them, I wish you could meet him in person though; he is such a lovely child. I also leave you with this Muggle history book about cats and cat worship during ancient times. I think you will like it. I miss you and am happy to have had you as a professor. Sincerely, Lily Potter Nee Evans ." Remus smiled fondly at Lily and James' antics. How he missed them. Yet he couldn't wait to show Harry some of the memories of their time at school together and even some after they graduate. Maybe it would help him get some well as Harry. He turned back as the goblin started speaking again "We Lily and James Potter as parents of Harry James Potter grant custody and guardianship of our only son to Minerva McGonagall if we perish or one of our other previous choices are unable to accept the duties of the role." 

Remus felt another jolt of shock as he realized just how many different people were on a guardianship chain for Harry. Then he started to picture what Harry's life would have been like if he had gone and lived with one of the other people mentioned in the will instead of his horrific Aunt and Uncle. Just how did Dumbledore manage to do this anyway? With that last thought, Remus turned to see McGonagall glaring darkly at the Headmaster who was pretending not to notice.

Pretending not to notice the tension in the room, Gorgit continued on "To Professor Filius Flitwick. You are by far the most cheerful and energetic professor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I gift with the same pictures I gift Minerva. You would love Harry, he is very energetic like you. I wish you the best and hope that you continue to inspire and protect your Ravens. Sincerely, Lily Potter Nee Evans." Remus saw Flitwick smile sadly and Remus couldn't help but agree with Lily's sentiment. Flitwick was a very likeable and enjoyable professor. "Professor Flitwick, I am glad that you were the Charms teacher. I don't think I would have met my lovely wife if not for your class and insistance that she tutor me and for me to try my hardest. I have a lot to be grateful to you for and you don't even know all of it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. In turn I leave you with a Potter Book of Charms that has been passed down through my family and that even my father added some charms to. No one is more deserving of it like you. Thank you again. Sincerely, James Potter." Remus watched as Flitwick's eyes filled with tears and he vowed to tell the Charms professor just exactly how the short man impacted the Marauders during school and even afterwards. Then came yet another chain of guardianship where Harry was supposed to go to Flitwick if no one else previously listed could. Remus made a mental note to talk to the Goblins about how Dumbledore got Harry to Petunia's legally while sealing the will. Putting that to the back of his mind, he pushed down his anger and focused intently on the will reading that was still happening. Remus instead turned his eyes to his battle worn Auror friend who would be next on the list. 

Alastor Moody was gifted with a handful of Potter Defense books, a Dragon hide wand holder that James had used, Auror Information from the Past, and was also listed as a guardian of Harry if no one else was available. It didn't come as shocking to Remus that the scarred man looked emotionless, yet Remus knew that mask all to well and knew just how upset the Head Auror was at losing one of his top students. The werewolf let him have a private moment as he turned to look at the sallow looking Potions Master who was next. 

Gorgit read on "Severus Snape. I wanted to tell you that I am sincerely and honestly sorry for everything I did to you while we were in school. I swear on my blood and magic that what I am saying is the truth. I feel bad for how I treated you and now know why you were the way you were and know that my bullying did not help any. I do not deserve your forgiveness but I wanted to tell you how sorry I was anyway. You are a brave man and I was simply jealous of the connection you had with Lily and that I didn't have that. I should have realized what I was doing to you with my words and actions. With that being said, I wanted to gift you with a handful of Defense and Other books that have been passed through the Potter line in hopes that they can be of use to you. I also leave you with my mom's potion journal, you deserve it and would appreciate it more than anyone else I know...she would have liked you and wanted you to have it. Words cannot express my shame and guilt or how sorry I am but, I am truly sorry again Severus. Sincerely, James Fleamont Potter...AKA an Immature Toe-Rag ." Remus noticed that Severus' black eyes never once flicker with emotion and he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. He felt guilt swarm him when he thought back to everything that the Marauders did to him and yet he, the Prefect, never stopped his friends. Regret burned through him and he wished he could turn back time and change it all...then maybe Snape would have turned away from the choice he was making. Remus shook his head and saw that Snape seemed tenser as they were getting ready to read what Lily had written. 

She wrote "My Dear Friend Sev. I want you to know that I have completely forgiven you. I figured that our years of friendship was worth more than some name calling. It obviously didn't happen if you are reading this, but I had James agree to make you a godfather of our second child that I am carrying as I write this. If it was a boy we were even going to give him his middle name after you as well. You meant the world to me and were like a brother to me and always will be. I give you my Potions Journal, I know that you will use it well. I also gift you with a white lily...remember back at Spinner's End? I wanted to remind you of our everlasting friendship so have planted a white lily in a emerald green pot that will never die. You are so kind and strong, don't ever lose that. I also want you to know that you have my blessing to find a girl and settle down, I want you to be loved and happy. You deserve it. I will always be proud to call you a friend and brother. I will watch over you and protect you. I love you Sev. Love, Lily." Remus was gobsmacked to see tears gather in the black eyes of the Potions Master and wondered just how much Snape loved Lily. Remus grinned when he saw the shock in the Potions Master when Gorgit announced he was on the custody/guardianship list for Harry and was at the top of the list. He was only put farther down due to his safety and risk of being a spy. Remus bit his lip as he thought that...just how did Lily and James know that Severus was a spy; when he didn't turn spy until after their death? 

Biting his lip in thought, he almost didn't hear about his adopted daughter until he felt Harry tugging on his shirt and whispering "Mummy and Daddy left Callidora something..." Remus saw the confusion in the little boy's killing curse green eyes and was also slightly curious on how James and Lily had known about Callidora...did Sirius bring her to them while they were in hiding? Why did they know and not Remus? He bit his lip at the hurt that flooded through him and made a mental note to ask Sirius about that.

He tuned in as he heard Gorgit read "To Callidora we leave our memories of her time with her father and with her Aunt and Uncle. We also leave her with a letter from us to be read in private when she is old enough to understand what is being read to her. She is also gifted with diaries from me, Lily and a blanket that was gifted to her father once by his guardian angels. We also leave her with a necklace that was going to go to our daughter if we were to ever be blessed with one. We love you Callidora, and we will watch over you and be proud of you always. Love, Lily and James." Remus appreciated the clipped words so that no one in the room could guess who her real father is and he appreciated that as he did not want it to revealed was going to be an Ace up his sleeve. 

Finally the moment that Remus had been waiting for...the Dumbledore part of the will. For some reason, Remus had a really good feeling about this; especially when he caught a passing smirk across Ragnok's face. Gorgit's lips twitched as he started to read "To Albus too many names Dumbldore. I leave you with nothing. As Lord Potter I deny you access to anything related to the Potter name, lineage, or vaults. I also invoke the revocation of all borrowed items and properties. You will have to find your own way to support this war, because you will not turn my son into a scape goat or savior. He is not your pawn, he is human being. Figure it out because I also invoke the Potter family magic and protection onto my son against you or any plots you have. I do not need to remind you just how powerful that protection will be. You have been warned Dumbledore. Best of Luck to you old coot. Lord James Potter." Remus had to choke back a life and saw that he wasn't the only...even Snape and McGonagall's lips twitched at the corners. He noticed that little Harry gave Dumbledore and unnoticed smirk before turning to look back at the goblins causing Remus to have to cough to hide his laugh. Lily Potter however, was going to be a will reading to remember with what she left to Dumbledore. 

Gorgit hid his smirk himself behind the parchment as he began to read "To Albus Dumbdoor. I leave you with nothing as well. I agree with my husband. I have seen how this turns see, I have a seer friend of my own that interpretated the prophecy for me as well as told me what she saw happening to my son. Let me just say this...YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR BLOODY DAMN MIND IF YOU THINK YOU CAN USE MY SON TO WIN THIS WAR!!! TO HELL WITH YOUR GREATER GOOD!!! You will not lay a finger on my son, I have ways of hurting you in ways you can't even imagine if you think that you will lay even a pinkie on a single eyelash on my son. So think on this Albus Dumbledore...the Potter Magic is protecting him...all line magic. Shall we mention the fact that the Black family magic will be added to that when Harry reaches his care. So go ahead and try it Dumbdoor...I think the afterlife could use a little entertainment. I know James and I would love to watch. You have been officially been warned twice now...So I would heed it. Let the games begin you too many damn named bastard. Lily Potter." Remus had covered Harry's ears through the bad language parts but his sides were shaking with silent laughter at the outrage on Dumbledore's face and Lily's final parting words. The werewolf finally stopped laughing and was starting to breathe again before anyone noticed the mirth on his face. He looked around the room and saw that everyone but Dumbledore seemed pretty happy with what they got. He would have to remember to give Callidora her stuff when he got back to her. Until then he noticed that Gorgit was still holding the parchment up; making the werewolf curious about what was left. Gorgit cleared his throat isntantly silencing the room as he finished reading "With everything being taken care of. We wish to state for the record that if this is being read than we were betrayed by our Secret Keeper. We hate to see that it was one of our friends, but alas we can only be faulted for believing the best in people. So as to prevent the confusion and blame game, we want to be clear that our Secret Keeper was not Sirius Orion Black. We switched it last minute as to prevent anyone from guessing the obvious. Our Secret Keeper was Peter Robert Pettigrew, we hope he is not the spy...but if you are reading this; than our wish is not granted. Sirius is not the spy and has too many reasons to not be one that includes a familial obligatoin. We cannot say more, but we hope that the blame is put on the wrong man incase of something happening. We Lord James Fleamont Potter and Lady Lily Marie Potter Nee Evans swear on our blood and magic that everything in here is sincere and the truth. So we say, so mote it be. Remus noticed the gasps around the table and he shared a bright look with Alastor who knew like he did that Sirius was innocent. He could hardly contain his excitement that his mate and adopted daughter's father might be coming home. He felt a sort of peace sweep through him at the thought that maybe his family would be complete sooner than he thought. 

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