Callidora Black: A Witch's Tale

The night that Lily and James Potter died it was understandable for Remus Lupin to be in a state of shock and grief. What he didn't expect was a bundle on his doorstep with a note from the man who allegedly betrayed him and their friends. As the child grows, strange things other than usual wizard magic beings to happen and leaves Remus to wonder just what the child's heritage was. Will he ever find out? Will Sirius be able to tell him? Will Sirius ever get to be a father to his daughter? Read to find out


13. Inheritance

Remus pretended not to notice the old wizard as he whispered to Andromeda "The goblins are requesting me. I will try to get back but I am not sure what will happen so could...." 

Before he could finish the pure-blooded witch answered "I will take care of Callidora if you aren't back in time. You don't even have to ask." 

Remus thanked her before he left the crowded courtroom. He didn't pay attention to the Headmaster who was trying to get attention as he made his way out of the Ministry of Magic. Once he got out of the Ministry and back into the wizarding world he activated the portkey and was immediately transported to a spacious room at Gringotts...clutching Harry tight to him. Remus took a seat at the table, holding Harry in his lap when Ragnok...the bank manager entered.

The goblin said "I wanted you here early so I could do a blood inheritance test on Mr. Potter. We want to make sure that he receives everything possible from his lineage." 

Remus blinked at that but answered "That seems okay to me. I understand that there will probably be wizards and witches that will try to protest Harry's lineage and a bunch of other nonsense." 

Ragnok nodded and then looked into the werewolf's amber eyes and asked: "Should I expect that a certain guiding wizard of Light is one of them?" 

Remus rolled his eyes at the thought of Albus Dumbledore and said "More than likely Mr. Ragnok. Albus was not happy with the court ruling giving custody of Harry to me." 

Ragnok answered vaguely "He would never have ended up getting Mr. Potter here placed where he wanted because I highly doubt that his parents would allow that." 

Harry looked between the two and said: "I want to stay with Remus." 

Ragnok smiled at the young boy and answered "You shall child. We goblins will definitely help to keep you where you are going to be loved and cared for." 

Remus grinned at the little boy and said: "I know that you will always have a family somewhere whether it be with Callidora and I, with Andromeda and Ted...we will make sure that you don't fall into the hands of Albus or Molly Weasley." 

Harry grinned back before Ragnok said, "Now if you two would please follow me to the ritual room." 

Remus followed the goblin with a content albeit curious Harry still in his arms. They walked through a couple of hallways before they entered a room that was completely made of stone with a wooden table that had a silver bow, stack of parchment and a sharp silver dagger sitting on it. Ragnok went around the back side of it while Remus and Harry stepped up to the front of it. 

Ragnok asked, "Will you lend me your hand, Mr. Potter?" 

Harry leaned over and gave the goblin his hand where said goblin gave it a sharp jab with the point of the dagger causing the boy to flinch slightly. Ragnok instructed to allow exactly 5 drops to hit the parchment. 

Remus couldn't help but grin proudly when Harry counted off exactly 5 drops before pulling his finger away from the parchment, where the goblin sealed the cut up leaving no trace of any damage behind. Remus watched as the blood transformed into a family tree on one piece of parchment while it seemed to be writing out notes on another. It was a few seconds before the red "ink" stopped moving.

Ragnok announced, "Let's go back to my office with these." 

Remus followed the goblin nervously...wondering just what the results would reveal about not only his little prongslet but his two deceased best friends as well.

The two took a seat in the bank manager's office while the goblin held the results in front of him. He looked at the two wizards and asked: "Are you prepared to hear the results?"

Remus looked at Harry who nodded shyly at the Goblin. The goblin grinned back before he started to read the results. 

 Inheritance Test Results: October 16, 1985
-Full Name: Harrison James Potter

-Born: July 31, 1980
-Birth Parents: James Fleamont Potter and Lily Marie Potter Nee Evans both deceased
-Godfather: Sirius Orion Black~Currently Incarcerated
-Godmother: Alice Louise Longbottom Nee Peakes~Currently Mentally Incapacitated
-At the Age of 17 Will Be Eligible for Claiming Heirdoms to:
    ~Potter Line (Paternal)
    ~Fleamont Line (Paternal)
    ~Noel Line (Paternal)
    ~Ollivander Dowry (Paternal)
    ~Black Dowry (Paternal)
    ~Gryffindor Line
    ~Ignotus Peverell Line (Paternal)
    ~Merlin Line (Paternal)
    ~Nimueh Line [Known as The Lady of the Lake] (Paternal)
    ~Evans Line (Maternal)
-Test Conducted: Gringotts Bank
-Overseen By: Bank Manager Ragnok
-Approved By: Bank Manager Ragnok and Potter Account Manager Gorgit

As he finished reading Remus felt his jaw drops at the inheritance of his godson. He was also curious as to why James never got an inheritance test done to trace his family tree. Remus had done it when he was out of had turned out to be very small and kind of boring. 

Remus almost grinned when he realized just how many power seats that would be in the seemed that Harry could control wizarding politics with ease when he hit the age of 17; it would definitely be something he would be tutoring the boy in. It seemed the bank manager had the same thought as an almost feral grin spread across his lips, showing the sharp and intimidating teeth of a goblin. 
Harry blinked "Is those all my ancestors?" 

Remus answered "Not specifically. The ones that Ragnok just read off, left an inheritance for their children and it carried down in what is called lines of ancestry and since some of the families are centuries old they have grown the inheritances. When you turn 17 you can have full access to any of the inheritances you have."

Ragnok put the family tree on the desk and said "This a family tree of all your ancestors, child." Harry looked at it and his eyes grew wide a the expansive tree. Remus pointed to a connection of Dorea Potter Nee Black and the family tree it branched off to. 

He stated "This is Callidora's extended family. It was the family of her father."

Harry blinked at all the names and said: "That is a big family." 

Remus chuckled and nodded at that. He asked, "Are you ready for one more thing Harry?"

Harry answered, "What is it?"

Remus' smile turned sad as he said, "The reading of your parents' will is going to happen in just a few moments." 

Harry nodded and answered "I guess so. Maybe they left me something of them." 

Remus' heart wrenched painfully before they started following the Goblin to the will reading room dreading the bad premonition that he was getting from this. He entered the room to see it was already full and he held back a wince as the door shut ominously behind them. 

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