Callidora Black: A Witch's Tale

The night that Lily and James Potter died it was understandable for Remus Lupin to be in a state of shock and grief. What he didn't expect was a bundle on his doorstep with a note from the man who allegedly betrayed him and their friends. As the child grows, strange things other than usual wizard magic beings to happen and leaves Remus to wonder just what the child's heritage was. Will he ever find out? Will Sirius be able to tell him? Will Sirius ever get to be a father to his daughter? Read to find out


16. Dumbledore's Protest

The room was quiet for a few moments before the Headmaster spoke up "If the Potter wills were sealed how correct is this information? Is it possible that we are not even hearing accurate information? What proof is there that this is actually from Lily and James Potter and that there Secret Keeper Information listed there is indeed accurate?" 

Remus snarled quietly at the implication against his mate but his was cut off abruptly as it was the Potions Master who sneered at Dumbledore "Do you really think that Headmaster? How could they be false if the goblins checked them over themselves? As they are the ones to create the wills upon the writer's requests. I think it pertinent to mention that how do we know where Black's loyalties lie as he was never given a trial and never put under Veritaserum to know what exactly his role in the death of the Potter was?" 

Dumbledore looked at his "pet Death Eater" who was staring coldly at the older man in front of them. Alastor Moody added "Albus, where is your proof that Sirius Black is guilty? Everyone who knows James Potter and Sirius Black implicitly knows that he would never betray him...he owed him so much for him to just turn his back on James." 

The Headmaster clenched his jaw but didn't say anything...and it was then that Remus knew that Sirius' release wasn't going to be as easy as he had originally thought it was. He sighed at the thought before looking down at the small child in his arms who was leaning against his chest in contentment. The goblins announced "If that is all, we have a bank to run and wish to get back to it."

Remus knew it was their way of dismissing the large group, so he stood quickly and left the room to avoid the confrontation with the Headmaster that was bound to happen sooner or later. Harry wrapped his tiny arms around his neck causing Remus to feel warmth at feeling that was so familiar as a father, but also different as it was the child of his deceased best friends. 

He had made it a few steps before a baritone voice behind him said "Remus, I want to speak with you a moment." 

Remus froze mid-step before turning around and raising an eyebrow in shock as he saw who was standing behind him in the for now empty hallway of Gringotts.

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