Callidora Black: A Witch's Tale

The night that Lily and James Potter died it was understandable for Remus Lupin to be in a state of shock and grief. What he didn't expect was a bundle on his doorstep with a note from the man who allegedly betrayed him and their friends. As the child grows, strange things other than usual wizard magic beings to happen and leaves Remus to wonder just what the child's heritage was. Will he ever find out? Will Sirius be able to tell him? Will Sirius ever get to be a father to his daughter? Read to find out


19. "Accidental" Magic

Severus was shocked at the appearance of the little girl as she gave Remus and Harry very enthusiastic hugs causing the little boy to grin enthusiastically albeit a little sleepily after having woke up from his nap. Then the little girl turned her attention to the Potions Master and Black's silver-grey eyes stared into his own obsidian ones.

Callidora stared a the strange man standing there and wondered why she felt the urge to protect the man. She stared in the man's endless black eyes as she walked slowly over to the stock still man. She held out her hand for him to shake as she said in a clear voice "Good afternoon sir, I'm Callidora Black."

Snape shook her outstretched hand causing his sleeve to shift and his Dark Mark to peek through. Callidora glimpsed the black ink and squeezed the man's hand as he went to yank it back with shame and regret burning in his eyes.

He answered stiffly "Pleasure to meet you, Miss. Black, I'm Severus Snape."

Callidora grinned "You can call me Callidora; I don't like to be formal when I'm not at school." Severus nodded stiffly trying not be rude but also trying to pull his arm back so he doesn't get judged for having the Dark Mark like everyone had done before the young girl. 

Like a force was controlling her limbs Callidora pulled the man's sleeve up and stared at the faded tattoo that was stretched across the pallid's man forearm. 

Callidora looked at the angry looking mark and then into Severus' face who had a controlled blank expression in place. She looked into his obsidian eyes to see a myriad of emotions pass through them ranging from shame, regret, to pained and guarded. Callidora felt sadness fill her at all the negative emotions that one little tattoo design caused.  She asked, "Severus, does this tattoo hurt you?" 

Severus froze as did Remus who was watching the exchange with worry at where this topic was going. He looked into the girl's silver eyes and knew he couldn't lie to the innocent expression on her face. He answered "Not anymore Callidora. It used to hurt quite a bit, but now it is just a constant reminder of the mistakes I made and the f best friend that I lost." 

Callidora looked back down at the black mark and then back at Severus as she whispered: "I'm sorry Severus, you don't deserve that or to beat yourself up like that." 

Severus' eyes widened marginally at the girl's statement and the sad tone that her voice had taken on. But before he could say anything the little girl was tracing the faded lines of the Dark Mark as a single sad tear dropped onto his arm. 

Before Remus could move or Severus could react there was a light coming from the mark as a burning feeling spread through the Potions Master veins. He let out a gasp of pain as Callidora stepped back from him with wide eyes. The burning feeling went away and the light died down to a soft glow before slowing disappearing. When all was said and done there was nothing but pallid skin. Severus stared at his empty forearm in shock as Remus stared at the little silvery-blonde haired girl that was standing there in quiet contemplation. 

Harry walked over to Callidora and grabbed her hand and said with a strong confident voice "Don't worry Alli, Moony won't hurt you for doing something strange, he loves us too much." 

Callidora's silver eyes lit up as she stared into his killing curse green ones and she squeezed his hand "Thanks, Harry." Harry nodded and they turned their eyes to the two adults who were still in stunned silence. 

Callidora asked "Daddy?" 

Remus broke out of his shocked stupor and asked: "Did you perform magic sweetheart?" 

Callidora nodded "Yeah, I wanted to help Severus feel better about his tattoo and then I just let the light and safe feeling leave me and go to him." 

Remus looked at her in shock before a proud and broad grin stretched across his face. He scooped her into a tight hug and whispered: "I am so so proud of you Callidora Grace Black." 

She grinned broadly as she hugged her dad back. Severus watched the exchange, still very much in shock for a 5-year-old being able to remove something that no other witch or wizard had ever succeeded in doing. 

Remus turned to the Potions Master and asked: "Is the Mark truly gone, Severus?" 

Severus nodded and answered "Yes it is completely gone. So is whatever magic that is infused with it that connects me to the Dark Lord." 

Remus smiled "That is great news, Severus. I'm glad that you are free." 

Severus' lips twitched in a slight smile before he answered seriously "Thank you Remus, but I am not free of Dumbledore yet, I have to find a way to find a way around this with the old man." 

Then he turned to the young girl and stared into her silver eyes as he spoke "Thank you sincerely and deeply Callidora Lupin. I think you are going to be a very very powerful witch when you grow into your magic." 

Callidora smiled serenely "No thanks necessary Severus. You aren't suffering anymore and your aura feels more free and light so I am glad that I have lifted some of your burden for you." 

The two adults stared at the little girl in shock at her words. They couldn't believe that someone that young was so full of compassion and power; it amazed them. Yet it also filled them with a protective feeling at the thought of what Dumbledore would do to her and how he would use her. 

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