A Warrior's Love

Damon Salvatore is older than everyone thinks he is...his soul is also not entirely Damon's either. Reincarnation has been a researched theory numerous times, but hardly anyone ever remembers their past life....but Damon does. Maybe that is why he is the way he is...or maybe it helped him become the vampire he is today. But what happens when his past comes back to haunt him? Read and you will see


10. Whispered Warnings

 Damon bit his lip when he pulled away from the hug. He said "There is one more thing guys...I heard Nyx whispering to me when we first got to Tulsa the other day...she told me that Kalona would rise again." 

The other 3 looked at him and he nodded "I think Kalona rising might be hell on Earth because of all the anger that he has burning inside...unless there is some way for him to redeem himself to go back to the Otherworld and I don't know if there is yet. I never looked really because I couldn't handle digging into that kind of thing again. But I know Nyx is warning us because something big is going to happen...something dangerous. We will need to warn Stefan, Elena, and Klaus." 

Elijah responded "We will Damon. As we walk back we will discuss a plan to warn them without telling of your past life. They need not know it." 

Unbeknowing to them it wouldn't matter in the long run because they were going to find out eventually...the quartet, however, were naive to the plans fate had for them. Damon thanked Elijah before the group started heading back to the Mikaelson mansion and discussing a plan to tell them that Kalona will rise and that Tulsa was going to be in danger, them included. 

They arrived at the house a few minutes later and heard Klaus, Elena, and Stefan moving around in the house...making coffee and getting things organized from the move that hadn't really had a place until now. 

They entered the kitchen where the trio there immediately turned to them. Damon saw the concern in their eyes as they looked at the group that had just entered. It was, however, Klaus that spoke up "Everything okay?" 

Elijah smoothly lied "Everything is as it should be brother. We were scoping out the area to check for any areas that a threat could use against us and also for evidence of animals that Stefan could hunt for his diet if he so chose." 

Damon shot him a grateful look before anyone noticed and turned his attention back to the trio in front of him to make sure that they bought that. It seemed that Klaus was a tad skeptical "Why didn't you ask us to come with?" 

Elijah smirked, "Someone had to hold down the fort and get the coffee going for our resident caffeine addicts." 

Klaus shook his head with a smile and Damon tried to sigh in relief that the older Mikaelson didn't ask any more questions. While they sat down on the sofa with their cups of coffee or bourbon (in Damon's case), they discussed what their plan of action was for their stay in Tulsa. 

Damon said "About that...we have to be careful here..." 

The older Salvatore launched into the information he had on the other species of Vampyre and the possible return of the threat that was Kalona. 

He held back a flinch when Stefan asked: "How do you know this and I don't?" 

Damon answered "In our years apart I did a lot of research to help pass the time and I came across a Cherokee legend of a Fallen Angel that walked the Earth and I was curious so I dug deeper and found out about the being Kalona and stumbled across the vampyre species. So I developed a curious interest in the other species and studied them." 

Stefan blinked at him and said "I'm surprised that you didn't share when Klaus and Elijah met us. They could have fulfilled your curiosity even more." 

Elijah slid in "I doubt I could have been much help. I had never heard of another species but then again, I normally kept with Rebekah and Niklaus and didn't spend a lot of time socializing with other vampires to hear about them. It was kind of hard to stay in one place or even make friends when you were running from your hunter father." 

Damon knew the other reason why Elijah would have never heard about the other species but he wasn't going to reveal his secret...or make Klaus feel guilty by bringing up the coffin thing. So he didn't comment on that as he told them that there was a chance that Kalona was stirring in his imprisonment and that he was going to rise which would mean the destruction of Tulsa and in turn of life as they knew it all over. 

Klaus shocked everyone by answering "We will find a way to stop this immortal being some way. For now, though, let us absorb the information and we can figure out a plan of action." 

Everyone agreed and Damon shot Enzo, Elijah, and Caroline a grateful look and a small sad smile...it was going to be a long road ahead of them and even longer if Kalona did rise. 

Stefan turned the TV on where a news anchor was showing a picture of a teenage boy in a football uniform saying "Union Running Back Chris Bradford has been officially ruled another victim of a possible serial killer. After his cousin and fellow football star was found dead with multiple lacerations people are concerned that the local high school students are in great risk of being targeted. More at the 6'o clock hour."

Damon froze as the term multiple lacerations turned over and over again in his mind and nearly jumped out of his skin as a whisper blew through him "This is only the beginning Azrael..."

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