Being followed, again

Sequel to 'Being followed' Event happening 5 years later.
Mandy's and Benedict's marriage could have been perfect. They have a son, Jonah and they love each other. But when the past comes back and haunts them, things change forever.


8. Chapter 8

After Lee had left, Mandy took Jonah to the house. Ben was watching TV when they got there. It was bedtime soon so she helps Jonah with the PJ’s. After he’s brushed his teeth, she reads him a bedtime story. She kisses his forehead and says good night. She gets to the living room. Ben was watching something but she could see he wasn’t paying attention. What had happened earlier was really hurting him. She sits down beside him and touches his hair but he takes her hand away.
“I know you think it was a mistake and that I’m giving him hope”
“You don’t know what I think” He looks angry at her
“You have the right to be angry but don’t take it on me. I only did what’s best for Jonah. You said it yourself I should tell him the truth” She’s calm
“You could have done it without that jerk around and all those nosy neighbours snooping around. You didn’t really think straight. All you saw was your future. I know I’m gonna lose you to him again and I won’t stand it” He stands up and gets to the kitchen where she follows him
“You’re not. I won’t fall for him again”
“Save it. Tell that story to him. I’m sure he loves that kind of games. He’s gonna allure you back to his web and this time he’s involving a little boy to it. I’m out of here. Call me when you come to your senses” He leaves the kitchen after he drank a sip from the glass of water he had taken
“Ben” She says and walks after him “Where are you going?”

He takes his jacket and leaves without saying a word. She swears quietly. He always did this but now it wasn’t because of her temper. She regretted everything and if she could turn back time she would. She sits on the couch and switches off the TV. Just when she’s about to get to the kitchen, the bell rings. Thinking it was Ben who’s forgotten his key, she goes to open it but to her surprise, it wasn’t him. She sighs and rolls her eyes.

“He sure was in a hurry” Lee smiles
“What do you want?” She’s upset because she knew she was being followed again
“What makes you think I do? I thought maybe you want some company”
“Do you think I can’t be alone? I told you before, I don’t want you around and Jonah is not gonna be your excuse”
“How about you’re the excuse?” He steps closer to her “Wouldn’t it be better for all of us to be in the same house rather than apart. It would be good for him too”
“Goodbye, Lee” She pushes him out of the door but since he’s much stronger than her, he makes her walk backwards, closing the door behind him

He looks in her eyes and doesn’t stop walking until she meets the wall in the living room. He touches her hair and slowly bends down to kiss her lips. She can’t do anything but respond but she keeps her hands against the wall. With their son in the next room, it felt wrong but yet so right. He was always a great kisser and for a moment she forgets she’s angry at him. Ben enters her mind and she pushes him away.
“I made a promise to Ben and I’m gonna keep it” She dries her mouth and tries to walk past him but he kisses her again
“Shouldn’t it be time for Jonah to get a brother or a sister?” He says between kisses and he tries to open her jeans with his right hand
“Get away from me” She tries to push him away again but he doesn’t listen “Lee”
“How about 3 or even 10” He keeps going
She keeps her eyes opened. This wasn’t pleasant anymore. Jonah could hear them and wonder what was happening. With all the strength she has left, she manages to get push him off her. It didn’t upset him one bit. Instead, it seemed to amuse him.

“I always knew you’re weak and you can’t resist temptation. You can’t stay faithful no matter how hard you try. In jail, I kept thinking how long you’ll survive without rough love. 15 years would have been too much for you to bear. Lucky for you, I got out in 5”
He was right, she was nothing but weak. This was too good to be true. He probably only got close to Jonah to get to her. He hadn’t changed at all like he claimed. If she would be back together with him her life would turn into a nightmare again.
“So you’re gonna tie me up and rape me over and over again. Is that it?”
“No honey you got it all wrong. I wouldn’t do that to the mother of my children. I’m gonna treat you gently. I don’t want to break you. You need all the strengths you can for all those babies we’re gonna make” He caress her hair

She swallows hard. Was that the only things she was good for? That was even worse than being tortured. She would not go through with it.
“You’ve really have gone mad in jail. I think it’s the making you like and not what comes after it. But you don’t need to do anything else besides that” She’s brave enough to say
She waits for his reaction. He would slap her or laugh it off. Sometimes he could be so mean. This time it was neither.
“OK. Maybe just two then” He smiles and runs his fingers across her chest
“Sorry but you forget I’m married and if we’re gonna make anything, I need a divorce first” She tries to make him calm his enthusiasm
“Why wait that long? Let’s say it’s his. He doesn’t need to know”
“That’s your plan? To get me pregnant and lie about who the father is? I’m sorry Lee but that’s not the way I want it to be” She shakes her head
“It worked before so why not now?”
“You always had something against him. What has he ever done to you?”
“He has you for starters and then he betrayed me. Remember that? Besides, why are we talking about him? We’re supposed to be going at it like animals right now. Should we get to my car so you can scream out my name?” He tries to take her hand but she doesn’t let him
“How romantic. Seriously, getting pregnant doesn’t happen over one quickie and especially in a car. I think it’s the sex you want. Is this a new fantasy of yours?”

Delaying was making him agitated and he was rock hard. He looks closely at her
“Do you have a babysitter or someone so we could go to my place and fuck” His breathing is getting heavier
“I doubt you can wait that long” She looks at the bulge in his pants and smiles
“If you keep looking at it. I haven’t got off for months and if we won’t do it right now, I promise it will be messy. So Mandy, name your place” He looks deep in her eyes
What was this man doing to her? She hadn’t had rough sex since she got married and she really missed it. She gets closer to him and takes his hand. Luckily they had a backyard where the neighbours couldn’t see and it was also getting darker. They pull each other’s bottoms down while smiling at each other. There’s a shed and he takes her against the wall with force. She tries to hold her screams. It had never felt so good. This wasn’t making love, it was rough sex. She had fallen once again and this time it was for good.

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