Knights of the gems

Just an idea I like to get som feedback on


1. What i am thinking

Yes, so I have this really old draft for a story which might still hold some potential in it, with a  ton of rewriting and planning.


But it is a story about 4 teens of 4 majors cities.... potentially 5 to make the numbers uneven so the team is balanced when one takes the role as the leader.....


But these for teens likely almost adults so 17-19 will be chosen for their ability to "connect" with the magic of the world on a different level than normal mages. Meaning that of course its mage students/young mages who are in the ceremony to receive the gems which will make them as the knight of their respected city. Which also represent the 4 (5) elements. Water-fire-eath-air-(???/harmony/life-death/i dunno yet). Of course, there is some drama about the main character who does have magic potential but ain't a mage, due to reasons :X gets chosen as the knight of their city. This along with the fact that there has been peace for more than 100 years and the people are questioning why they are even there, along with a ton fo other fun stuff XD And off course the main villain who is going to try and steal the "heart" gems carried by each knight, which is basically a connection to the "flow" which is the world's wild magic flow which mages draw power from, at a limited level. Gems are meant to make the draw unlimited but at a cost, activating the connection will result in death due to the strain of the magic burning the person's life force away. So that evil person can rule the world XD which he might actually succeed at.... you know bad guy winning the story.. anyon in?


and then there be a ton of lies, betrail, love, hate, tears, dragons, unicorns, trolls, goblins, ghost, wars, battles, fantasy politics, a great jearny... or not? and teens trying to figure out how to use their new enhanced power without killing themselves and others and a lot of other fun stuff XD


So what do you say sound interesting?

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