hey im sarah not too girly my twin is the school bad boy and my best friends are mostly boys the thing i hate the most is seeing my friends not being treated rigth even my best friend forever shadow (my only friend that's a girl) being treated badly but i don't want to fall in love but everything changes with the new guy


5. .........

1 year later

i ran downstairs and looked at the calender ''shit logan chance is going to the vet today'' i yelled grabing the keys and leashing chance ''then hurry!'' he yelled running down putting his shoes on i put my shoes on and got chance in the car ''where gonna need this'' logan said coming in the car with a box of tushius ''why'' i said confused ''we never now if hes gonna be ok or not '' i looked down and nodded shaking the idea of him needing to get put down in my head


we got there rigth in time i got chance in the room and we waited for the vet they put down a blanket and let chance lay down he never licked tables or cages 

the vet came in with chance after the blood tests and x-rays ''ok so what first bad news or bad news'' she said ''bad news'' logan said straight away ''well chance has cancer and its bad its travelled to everywhere, thats why he has not been moving alot'' she explained taking the leash off chance ''is there a way to fix it'' logan said sadly ''n-'' i cut the vet off ''no theres not cancer can never be healed '' i said petting chance ''oh'' logan sat down next to me petting chance ''so do you guys want to uthanize him?'' the vet said sadly ''yes its the best thing to do'' i said she nodded and walked into another room to leave us call and have some time with him i pet chance as logan was outside calling all our friends to come over even with fox chances big brother 



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