Slave For A Prince

24 year old Hazel Rayne knew she shouldn't have come back to The Kingdom especially being on Jacks hit list but she had to find her best friend Nyx. Hazel's freedom was shortly lived as she was taken from her apartment in the dead of night Jacks had managed to find her thanks to his eyes and ears around The Kingdom.

A few days later there's a birthday boy; he's not just any regular birthday boy he's Prince Constantine. His brother decides to buy him a birthday present what's the best present a brother can give? Why his very own slave of course.

What will happen to Hazel? Will she find her best friend or something worse behind the Palace walls?

Read to find out!


4. Never Eating Breakfast With The Royal Family Again

"You're still alive? Damn." I heard him say as I slowly woke up. I knew it was him from his British accent and the fact he drained my blood. 

How am I still alive? 

"And you're still around, now that's the true bummer." I retorted peeling open my eyes meeting his blue ones. He sat lazily on a chair beside the bed I currently laid on. 

I brought my hand up to my neck feeling two small holes. A flash from last night entered my mind; his fangs that hungry look in his eye. 

I shot off the bed in a panic not carrying I'm still in my bra and panties all I know is I need to get away from him. His blue eyes watched me curiously

"What the hell are you!?" I shouted at him.

He smirked at me standing, "What am I? What are anyone one these days?" He's playing with me.

I opened my mouth to fire back but a dizzy spell prevented me from so. I fell into the wall as my eyes closed briefly.

He uses the distraction to his advantage hovering over me, "Slave you better start submitting to me or you'll be taken to the basement. I should already take you there but my baby brother did buy you for me and surprisingly your blood taste really good."

I opened my eyes glaring into his blue ones, "Fuck you." I spat earning a slap from him.

I was taken back as I placed my hand on the cheek he just slapped it ached from such force.

He backed away from me, "I'll see you in the dining room." He walked away.

The Maid came in after him laying a pale pink colored dress on the bed then handed me a clean pair of bra and panties. I walked into the bathroom slamming the door behind me I set the clean bra and panties on the vanity then proceed to take off my old ones.  I turned on the shower climbing I started wiping away my dried blood off my chest from last night.

What is he? Is the rest of the royal family like what he is?

After my shower, I dried myself off with a towel putting on the bra and panties I took a quick look in the mirror at my cheek it was still red and puffy from him slapping me. I exit the bathroom slipping on the dress the Maid zipped the back of it.

"You look very beautiful. That's the Queen's favorite dress." The Maid informed me.

"Thank you. It's very beautiful." The dress felt silky against my skin.

The Maid led me to a huge dining room; The Queen and King sat on opposite ends of the table. The psychotic Prince had his back to me and his brother Atticus and Nyx were seated on the opposite side. She was the only one eating the rest were chatting about something when I walked in the room I reluctantly seated myself beside the psychotic Prince. 

The Queen smiled at me, "My dress fits you nicely dear."

I gave her a weak smile, "Thank you for letting me use it."

"Are those bite marks?!" Atticus gasp looking at the side of my neck, "Damn! Didn't think you'd break her in that fast!" He laughs.

I awkwardly place my hand over the fang marks even though it was pointless.

"She was basically asking me to take her just standing there in her bra and panties." He smirked at his younger brother placing his arm around my shoulders. I did everything in my power to not shove his arm off and to ignore his comment. Instead, I kept my eyes on my best friend tempted to reach out to touch her to feel if she's even real.

"Whoa, dude she keeps staring at my Slave she might be a lesbian." Atticus laughs.

"Boys don't talk like that in front of your Mother!" The King snaps at the two Princes.

"Sorry, father." The two Princes apologized in unison to their Mother.

"It's okay boys." She smiled at them.

Atticus looked Nyx, "Do you two know each other?"

Nyx nodded to his question as she gripped her heart necklace.

I felt guilty, "I lost my necklace."

She kept her eyes on the table.

Why isn't she speaking? Isn't she happy to see me regardless of the circumstance?

I lost my cool, "Oh Nyx!" I rushed over to her and pulled her into a hug but she was still, I pulled back, "Why won't you hug me?"

"Because I didn't tell her too."

I looked at Atticus, "What did you do to her?!" I looked at Nyx's neck she had bite marks on her.

"What are you, people?!" I yelled standing looking around at everyone for an answer.

"Keeping her in the dark eh? So cruel." Atticus teased.

"Like it's any of her business what we are and you," The psychotic Prince pointed at me, "Sit down now I won't tell you again."

The King shook his head, "Stupid humans," He pointed his fork at the psychotic Prince, "Mark my words son this Slave isn't going to work out. Just drain her blood and toss her somewhere so we can move on from this. I have big plans for you son she'll just get in the way."

I felt the color drain from my face. How could he talk about me like that?

The psychotic Prince sighed in annoyance as he stood walking to me, "Father believe it or not but she actually has the sweetest blood I've ever tasted. It would be a shame to kill such precious livestock now wouldn't it?" I can see the King glare at his son from the corner of my eye, "And I won't marry that wretched Princess I want to rule the Kingdom alone." He grabbed my arm making me walk around the table and making me take a seat then he sat down beside me.

I blinked at the food placed in front of me having a hard time focusing.

"You can't do that son you have to have a wife!" The King outburst.

"Jessica is a beautiful vampire and a pureblood! The children she bites for you will be the strongest of our kind!" The Queen chimed in.

"If you want me to marry someone so bad I'll do it tomorrow but it won't be with Jessica."

"Who then?"

"My Slave." The psychotic Prince answered. 

The Queen gasp in shock covering her mouth with her hand.

I turned my head so fast to the Prince beside me I almost broke my neck. Right then and there I decided I'm never eating breakfast with the royal family again.

The Kings face went red from anger, "You-"

I began to feel dizzy again worst than earlier. I touched my forehead staring at Nyx I started seeing two of her I let out a slight groan slipping into darkness.


Of course, she would faint especially in my direction; her heartbeat is too weak versus Nyx strong beating heart.

"Looks like her answer is no." Atticus laughed as Nyx stared at my Slave in worry.

"Son, you better be joking. A human being a Queen it's a disgrace to our kind!" Father shouted at me slamming his hand down on the table, "Look at her!" He pointed at her, "She's a pathetic weakling."

"Actually that girl has some fight in her Father," Atticus pointed out. 

He isn't wrong. She's the first girl to ever spit in my face and try putting up a fight but my vampire strength is too much for her. 

Father shot him a glare, "Stay out of this! Don't even get me started how you have wronged our family name!"

I stood picking up my Slave bridal style, "Father let me do things my way." I declared leaving the dining room.

I opened the door to my bedroom I entered the room laying her down on my bed.

I stared at her watching her chest rise and fall with her breathing. She certainly is beautiful but she's just a human like I would marry her or any woman that throws herself at me. The only reason I would marry her is that I know she would stay away from me and her blood is hard to resist. 

I stared at her neck feeling my fangs come out.

"Older Master?" The Maid entered my room snapping me out of my thoughts and my fangs disappeared.

I looked at her, "She needs food." I informed her exiting the room heading to my office but I will be back to feed on her.

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