She is the one.

I was looking for two things. 1.) A roommate. All I was asking for was someone to keep clean and help pay rent. 2.) A wife. Someone not afraid of commitment, someone who wants children, someone to love and support me and my career, general things, not beauty or money, none of those things she can't help, I want a woman I can learn with and from and we can grow together.


2. What's that smell?

*bzzz bzzz bzzz*

I wake up to my alarm buzzing on the stand beside my bed.

It's 7 am. I roll over and stare at the blank white wall.

Another dreadful day of work... I think in my head as I sit up and walk over to the bathroom ass naked to get in the shower. Last time I can do this for a while. I turn the water on to a warm temperature and  climb in. As I am washing off and about to get out I hear my phone ringing in the other room. I turn the water off and put on my robe as I hang the towel on the rack behind the door.

I pick up my phone, 1 MISSED CALL. I unlock my phone and open the call log, it's Lacey, I dial her number and press call.

*ring.... ring.... ring....*

"Hello, Aiden?"

"Hey Lacey. You called, what's up?"

"Oh I was just wondering if you wanted me to get you anything from Dunkin before I head over to pick up the spare key and start moving in." She said.

"That's really nice..." She cut me off.

"I sort of already was there though, so I got you a regular coffee with a shot of vanilla, sugar and no cream. if you'd rather not drink it, that's okay, I will just drink two then." She laughed into the phone.

"I will take it." I laughed back.

"Okay I will see you in about 5 minutes. Talk to you soon."

"Talk to you soon." I said before hanging up the phone.

I walk over to my closet after getting off the phone with Lacey and pick out another shirt and tie to go with another boring black blazer and matching pants and my black leather dress shoes. Sometimes being a business man really sucks...

*knock knock knock*

I finish buttoning my shirt and walk over to the door opening it up for Lacey to come in. Except when I open the door it's not Lacey, but a pile of boxes. I look at the labels on top and see the coffee sitting beside them on the floor. I realize it must be Lacey and grab the coffee and the boxes and put them into her room, propping open the front door in the process.

Lacey comes walking in with three more boxes on top of one another. I take the one on top that was blocking her face. "Moving in before you even have a key?" I ask dangling the key behind me as I carry the box into the room. She takes the key from me. "Be careful with that box, it has the things that are most important to me in it." She said before placing her boxes down and taking the one from me.

"I actually have to get going or I'll be late for work yet again. I'll see you around 5." I said before heading out the door.

*2:00 in the afternoon*

(Lacey's POV)

I finally have everything in the room and am pretty well set up, got my black satin sheets on the bed and my pillow cases to match, the white comforter on top, my black darkening curtains up, and my white fur rug on the floor. I hung my posters on the wall and put my my clothes away. I put my book shelf up by the window with my beauty stuff on it and decorated the shelves that already hung on the walls with my most important things. It's now time for a break. I turned on my tv that hung on the wall and connected my phone to play my music and relax.

I pulled down my bong and slid my safe out from under the bed unlocking it and packing a fat bowl, rolling five joints and locking it back up. I put the 5 joints into my little black box on my nightstand and turned on the purple disco ball.

I sat on the floor and lit up. I took a super long drag and exhaled just when my door opened.

(Aiden's POV)

I walked in the apartment. I just got fired for my big idea that the boss just didn't like. Today's a great day....

I could smell something pungent, that smell you smell when your in the bad parts of town or all over college campuses. I knew Lacey was in that room with the music blasting smoking pot. I walked over to her door and knocked, but she didn't hear me so I walked in.

She was sitting on the floor bong in hand in just black laced lingerie. I stared down for a moment before I noticed I was caught staring.

"Close your mouth, your catching flies." She said giggling and holding out the bong. I looked at her and then at the bong and then myself. I slipped off my shoes and blazer, took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt taking a seat on the floor beside her and kicking the door shut.


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