She is the one.

I was looking for two things. 1.) A roommate. All I was asking for was someone to keep clean and help pay rent. 2.) A wife. Someone not afraid of commitment, someone who wants children, someone to love and support me and my career, general things, not beauty or money, none of those things she can't help, I want a woman I can learn with and from and we can grow together.


3. The game.

(Lacey's POV)

"So no one ever takes that from me so willingly, and I never would have expected it to be you first. Why are you home so soon? What's up?"

He got up and opened the door walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out the handle of Svedka and a bottle of Coke and held 2 solo cups before walking back in the room and pouring us each a glass 50/50.
"I got fired for a dumb idea." He said taking a large gulp of my drink.

"Ah, that happens to the best of us, but I bet I can get you a job with my boss. She's always looking for help." I said.

"What do you even do?" He asked.

I slid out a large trunk from my closet. "Open it up." I told him. He flipped open the top and the smell hit harder than the stuff we were smoking. "This has got to be at least a pound!" He said with the largest look of disbelief. "are you a dealer?" He asked.

"Sure am, Have been for the last 3 years." I said with a laugh.

I explained how I sell and receive about a pound of weed a week and how I moved just because the boss lady lost a dealer this way and needed to move one of us up. I explained that I make About $3,200 every 2 weeks and that I could afford other places to live but enjoy smoking my product and would rather have a smaller place with some roommates than be alone.

*ring... ring... ring...*

I picked up my phone.

"Karly my girl! I'll text you the address you know better than to call a girl. bring the crew." I said into the phone before hanging up and texting her the address of the building to get a party started.

Within an hour there were at least 30 people in our apartment, when things started to get rough we kicked people out and slowly it dwindled down to 7 of us, 4 girls and 3 guys. One of the guys was Aiden's friend Markus and the rest were just people that were chill at the party other than Karly. We started to pass the bong around and were drinking our drinks. When Markus got the idea to use his empty beer bottle to play spin the bottle 7 minutes in heaven. And since it was my party, I spun first. I spun the bottle and watched as it spun around 12 times.

This was not a good idea. I don't want to be stuck with one of these girls, for gods sake I don't swing that way, not that there is anything wrong with that but I just can't get into it. As far as Markus goes, he's really unattractive and has a beer belly, totally not my thing. And the other guy, ew he has thrown up like 4 times in the last hour. Please just let it be Aiden. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. It started to slow down and it stopped......

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