She is the one.

I was looking for two things. 1.) A roommate. All I was asking for was someone to keep clean and help pay rent. 2.) A wife. Someone not afraid of commitment, someone who wants children, someone to love and support me and my career, general things, not beauty or money, none of those things she can't help, I want a woman I can learn with and from and we can grow together.


4. Shit.




(Aiden's POV)

I watched as the bottle slowed down and it stopped.......






On ME!

I looked at Lacey and she looked back at me and smiled, and I think I saw her wink. I stood up and reached for her hand, we were both wasted. But It's totally okay. I lead her over to the bathroom because the closets are too small for games like these. I locked the door behind us as everyone followed behind to hear. I looked at Lacey who still remained in only lingerie. She was staring up at me with her beautiful ocean blue eyes and her full soft pink lips. I but my hands on her waist and she put hers around my neck. I kissed her softly and she deepened the kiss right away. I let her show me what she wanted before moving onto anything more. her right hand moved from my neck to grab my left arm to shift it to her ass. I squeezed slightly and she moaned into the kiss. I started kissing on her neck and pressed her against the wall, still keeping my hand on her ass. She threw her head back and moaned as I moved my right arm to her ass as well. I moved back to her lips and she climbed up on my waist grinding into me. My penis had began to grow in size. I wanted her bad, but didn't want to take advantage of her. she slipped her hand into my pants and started to play with my penis.

"OKAY THAT'S 7 MINUTES!" I hear someone yell from the other room. I try to put her down but she wont let me, I keep kissing her but she moves to sucking on my neck. I moan in pleasure as she hits the sweet spot. I can feel her grinding harder into me.


She still wont stop. I am getting really horny now. I can't contain myself I need her so bad. I force her down off of me.

"Are we doing this or ?" I ask.

"Oh we are, But were waiting for them to leave first." She said before opening the door and kicking everyone out. She locked the door behind everyone and spun around on her heal. She looked at me with a devilish eye...

"Now where were we?" she asked as I approached her and she climbed up again. We began kissing again and I felt my dick begin to grow again. I walked her over to my room and laid her on the bed. I pressed my body against hers as we continued to make out. she flipped the roles and was now on top of me and unbuckling my pants and sliding them down to my ankles. I kicked them off an she stared down at my erect 8 inch penis. She bent down to get a what I thought was a closer look but licked the tip and began to suck on my hard member. It has been a long time since I got laid. I was 17 when I lost my virginity and that was the only time I had sex, I am not 22, and Have never had head. So this was a new experience for me.

I watched as she sucked but it got so pleasurable and I couldn't help myself I started thrusting into her mouth making her gag a few times before she came up and kissed me on the lips. I flipped he back over and sucked on her neck and started to massage her clit. I felt her getting went and her moaning into my ear. I stuck two of my fingers inside her and she moaned loudly.

The more she moaned the harder it was to resist the urge to fuck her. And soon enough I couldn't anymore. I picked her up and put her higher into my bed. And put my penis at her entrance. I looked up at her for approval and she nodded her head at me. I thrusted into her She moaned in pain at first but began to switch to pleasure. I massaged her clit and fucked her in missionary before she pushed down on my abs and flipped over to be my doggy style legend. He ass high in the air and face buried deep into the pillows I thrusted into her tight throbbing pussy hard and so fast, So fast I didn't get the chance to pull out before I came. I just kept thrusting until I heard her moan so loudly the entire building could have heard her. I rolled off the side and laid behind her and pulled her close.

"Damn I didn't know you had it in you." She said in between deep breaths.

"Me either." I whispered so quietly she couldn't hear me before we both drifted off to sleep.


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