She is the one.

I was looking for two things. 1.) A roommate. All I was asking for was someone to keep clean and help pay rent. 2.) A wife. Someone not afraid of commitment, someone who wants children, someone to love and support me and my career, general things, not beauty or money, none of those things she can't help, I want a woman I can learn with and from and we can grow together.


1. New girl.


I get out of work early and walk down the block to my building. Same routine different day. I press the button in the elevator to my floor. I get out when the door opens on the ninth floor and begin walking down the hall. I’m so glued to my phone I don’t see the woman in the hall and bump into her. I apologize and look up at her. She’s beautiful. She’s new, I don’t recognize her, but turn to my door and try unlocking the door, it hardly ever opens the lock is jammed and the dick face owner never fixes it, and then out comes the owner of the building from an empty apartment.

“I’m sorry miss Miller, but this is the cheapest apartment we have available. If you can’t afford it you may need to find a roommate.”

This sparked my interest. I interrupted even though I shouldn’t.

“Hey, my name is Aiden, sorry for overhearing, but I’m actually looking for a roommate and if you’re interested you can come have a look at my place I have an extra room, since my sister moved out 6 months ago.”

She looked at me and nodded, “I’m Lacey. I just moved for work purposes and need to find a place, so if you’re serious about your offer I’d like to take a look and get to know you.”

“Well come on in I’ll give you a tour,” I said finally getting the door unlocked. We walked inside and I showed her around the living room was a chill environment black furniture with grey curtains and white accents all throughout the space. I showed her the white and updated kitchen and my door to my room because frankly my room was not a place I wanted the pretty lady to see. I showed her the bathroom with the glass shower and white decor and the spare room which could be hers. After giving her a tour we sat at the bar in the kitchen drinking coffee. And introducing ourselves to get to know one another. After about 2 hours she had decided she’d move in.

“How much is rent a month?” She asked.

“1200 a month. We also pay for our own cable and internet but everything else is included. So 650 each.”

“Dang I’ll snatch that up the cheapest I found was 650 and I pay for all amenities.” She laughed.

“Great you can move in whenever the bed you can use, you just need to bring the rest of your furniture and bedding.”

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