The Hollow and The Saint

"The world we live in is no different from Hell; there are those who are tortured by the fire, there are demons who carry out orders, and then, of course, there is the devil himself. Well, I plan on turning hell into heaven."

Wounded, heartbroken with a hollow void filling down his soul, Logan Hayz is lying down on the ground, in front of him the corpse of his son, with a bullet stuck in his skull painting such beauty on his face. A bullet fired from the same Glock pistol Logan is holding in his right hand. Blood covering his left mechanical arm giving it an exquisite look with the rust of steel. Water drops touching down his flabby skin, in one eye he can see the past along with all the hardships and sufferings he had to endure to achieve his ultimate dream of creating the perfect world. In the other, he saw the reason he pursued that dream, Elizabeth Rose, his long-lost beloved.



8. Water Droplets



History would have us believe that the Illuminati was born of the European Renaissance. Supposedly founded by professor Adam Weishaupt on May 1st 1776, by the end of the French Revolution, all of its members were either assassinated or missing, presumed dead. The truth, as always, is much more interesting.

   Despite the lack of clear records, Illuminati ideals can be traced as far back as 154 B.C. Innumerable grassroots movements of the time as widespread and varied as Rome and Jerusalem have claim to its origins, and all have one thing in common. These groups of progressive liberals whose sole aim was to bring justice to the world, vowed to return power to the people: "to control without dominating”. Their goals may have aligned with those in the history books, but their means were utterly different. In order to gain power and influence, they invited officials, high ranking members from petroleum organisations and banking branches, nobles, and leaders to join their ranks. All was done in the shadows. Their anonymity was complete. How far would their influence reach in the hundreds of years to come? Their power was outstanding, and its limits unknown.

   Not impressed yet? Then read on: they say that in order to ensure maximum efficiency, they had carefully laid plans hundreds of years ahead of time. Depending on the situation, the leader may choose to change the strategy in order to adapt to some unforeseen sudden situations. However, the ultimate goal remains the same, no matter what. Should the current leader pass away, the next must follow in his predecessor's footsteps. Enchained by the agenda, even the leader is merely a puppet to the Illuminati. Following orders as blindly as sheep, all that separates them from the subservient masses is their acceptance of their fate. They had knowingly chosen their slavery, they had chosen to be on the winning side. They had chosen power.

   By using long-term plans, they ensured their odds of success while preserving their expansive influence around the world, and their total secrecy.

   So what plan are they following now? In order to gain money and influence from other nations, they turn to inciting political upheaval and chaos in the region of their choosing. Africa is considered one of the most wealthiest continents in the world in terms of natural resources, yet, 1.5 million people die every year from famine and poverty. Why? It is said that in every disturbance there is a beneficiary. In every one, look for them. They bring destruction to once flourishing cities, at the hands of their own citizens, using weapons sold by Illuminati arms dealers. Later on, when both sides of the conflict are completely exhausted, they use the United Nations as security guards to secure the land in question. They send off construction companies to begin rebuilding what they have just destroyed, lining their pockets in the process, indirectly claiming the territory. Using the media as puppets, they shine like the true saviors of this world.

   It is true that in a certain sense we share the same dream, but in terms of means and practical methods, I was a millennium behind. My vision was no better than a child’s dream, like a sand-castle crumbling under the first wave.



   After agreeing to join the Illuminati as an assassin, I returned home. My head was swarming with thoughts, and my body couldn’t keep up. Before long, I was asleep.

   I dreamt that I was standing on a smooth, thin, almost invisible thread.  I was slowly walking along it, barely keeping my balance. Gradually, I became aware of a mysterious sound. The louder it grew, the deeper the thread cut into my feet. The sound became clearer - it was a baby crying. I hesitated, knowing that it didn’t concern me anymore. But the moment I stopped, I heard a gunshot. Suddenly the crying stopped, and I was holding a gun with blood on my hands. The thread broke and I fell down into an endless, dark abyss.

   I woke up screaming, and sweating all over, adrenaline shooting through my veins.

    What a nightmare! It felt so... are these... real tears on my face?

   I couldn’t sleep anymore. So, I went to Eli’s apartment. She opened the door before I even knocked.

   “I heard you screaming, are you alright?!” she said, with a worried voice.

   The wall separating our apartments must be thinner than I thought.

    “Don’t worry, it was just a nightmare.”

   “Thank God!  Well, don’t just stand there! Come on in."

   I closed the door behind me, hesitating for a second. I couldn’t hold it inside of me any longer.

   “Eli, if you woke up one day, and found out that all that you had believed in and all that you had worked for your whole life was just... a dream. And then think to yourself and say, 'I’m fine with that', what would you do?”

   Elizabeth didn’t respond. Instead, she walked to the window and opened the curtain.

   “Look outside.”

   “Let me see… It's raining,” I replied.

   “Look closer.”

   “Eli it’s just rain!” I said, annoyed. I didn’t understand what she meant.Eli laughed and explained,

   “At first glance, you only notice the rain as a whole. But when you focus enough, you see that the rain is formed of many tiny water droplets. Now, try to focus on just one of them, and watch it as it falls. What do you notice?”

   I concentrated, and tried to look harder.

   “Well, looking at how fast it fell, and the way it hit the ground, it had almost no effect. It’s like it never really existed,” I speculated.

   “Exactly! But you see, rain falls in many forms: snow, hail, and as we can see here, water droplets. What does that remind you of?”

   “Alright, I give up! You know I hate riddles,” I said after wracking my brain with no luck.

   “Simple, it's life! In real life, there are those who force their impact suddenly upon world, like hail on a sidewalk. These people are rulers and scientists, pioneers in their fields. Next we have people whose names history may not remember, but whose work layers with that of others like snow, to leave their collaborative mark. These could be village priests, or teachers. As for the majority, they live their whole lives without making any significant difference. Like water droplets, the disappear as quickly as they come. And yet, they play a crucial part in maintaining the cycle of life. You could say they're indispensable.”

   “Okay, my head hurts. I didn’t get much sleep tonight, and I’m so exhausted I feel like I could collapse. In the end, you’ll say that I need to open my heart and mind, and start working with other people. Giving me the old ‘where there’s unity, there’s victory’ speech. Isn’t that what you are getting at?” I replied, annoyed.

   “No silly! You couldn’t work with others even if you wanted to. You’re just not that type,” she responded. I laughed.

“Alright, tell me then, what is my type, oh great water goddess?” I asked sarcastically.

   Suddenly, Elizabeth turned her head towards me, as if she was looking me straight in the eyes.

   A bright light that shines amid the darkness, with a sound that echoes far beyond the horizon. Unpredictable, striking with remarkable precision, shaking the ground beneath the feet of those who stand in its way, lighting fires like beacons to those gone astray. Logan, you’re lightning.”  

   Suddenly I felt my face fall limp and a chill run down in my spine. Her words resurrected that old familiar sensation that I first knew when I met The Doctor in the orphanage.

    “Do you want to follow the rules like all these blind sheep? Or… do you want to be the one to write the rules for them?” Those were his words.

   In that moment, I knew my dream was not about something that could or could not be done - it was about something that needed to be accomplished, no matter the means or methods used. I must ‘evolve’. That was what he had said all those years ago. Somehow I had forgotten those words. I had grown soft and weak, I had begun to doubt my dream. I had become one of The Doctor's sheep

   What really surprised me was that Elizabeth knew me better than I knew myself. Just like The Doctor, she had seen right through me. What’s more, she had described the rain with such detail - her, a blind person! I was seeking the guidance from the blind - how ironic. In reality, the blind one was me. When I came to my senses, I walked right up to her, and stood by her side. She was shorter than me. I tapped her on the forehead with my finger.

   “You sound like a wise old lady, you know that?"

   She wrinkled her face sarcastically. I couldn’t help but laugh, and she began laughing with me.

   “Well, this wise old lady is starving. How about you make her a good midnight meal?”

   “As you wish, my lady.”

   So fragile and weak from the outside, yet, there is nothing more beautiful than a person who always speaks truthfully with a childlike heart, and her mind had all the wisdom and prudence of a lifetime. She is the woman to whom I’ve dedicated my life. She is my raison d’être.

   Thanks to Eli, I remembered the promise that I had sworn long ago, and the world that I wanted to create for me and for her. Those were not mere dreams, those were revelations, and I was the prophet to whom the message had been entrusted. Now that I had the Illuminati at my fingertips, the picture was brightening and the long road that I had chosen for myself was becoming clear. My dream was becoming a reality.

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