Pretty Little Liars-The End of The Beginning

It is Summer in Rosewood and Spencer, Aria, Emily, Ali and Hanna are back but this time it is 15 years later… The girls have grown up and moved on with their lives but little do they know that A is back and this time it’s their children stuck in the middle of this mess! Expect the unexpected when PLL has a twist (like always), when is it going to stop!
A new adventure with the all new cast, Tiara, Paige, Shirin, Nithmi and Rihanna, these families can never stay out of trouble especially when they find out that there’s a new A in town, the girls start to realize that history is repeating itself!


7. New Hope or A disaster?

Shirin POV

Shirin walked into her English class and sat down  at her usual seat, suddenly a small pretty girl with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes sat down next to Shirin she must be a new girl. Just then Rihanna walked in and turned to her usual seat next to Shirin.


“Hi are you the new girl” Rihanna said impatiently.

“Oh, my name is Megha!” Megha said enthusiastically.


“Well Megha, get of my seat!” Rihanna replied in a harsh tone.


“Rhianna!” Shirin complained.


Megha looked shocked and grabbed her bag and book and moved.


“Sorry” she murmured softly in Rihanna’s direction.


Rihanna sighed and sat down in her seat. Finally class was over Shirin got up and walked over to Megha.


“Hey Megha, sorry about Rihanna she just not used to people being prettier than her!” Shirin said.


“Oh thanks! Hey do you want to go shopping today after school, it would be nice to get to know someone!” Megha asked


“Yeah sure!” Shirin replied excitedly, this girl seemed nice.




“I heard Mr Carter might be leaving!” Megha said enthusiastically.


“Just a rumor don’t worry, he’s here for good!” Shirin replied the two girls were walking around the shopping centre together.


“Oh hey!” Paige said.


“We didn’t know you were going shopping today!” Tiara said.


“Well we are! So, Paige and Tiara this is Megha, Megha this is Tiara and Paige.” Shirin said.


The next day Shirin walked over to Nithmi and Megha who seemed to be giggling about something.


“Hey I didn’t know you guys knew each other!” Shirin asked.


“Oh we have science together” Nithmi replied.


Just then the bell rung, Shirin linked her arms through Megha’s and continued walking to class.


“So how long have you been in Rosewood for?” Shirin asked curiously.


“Oh, I’ve lived here since I was three, I know everyone in this neighborhood, I went to a school that was kinda far away so I changed schools to this one!” Megha said.


Shirin nodded although she couldn’t stop thinking about what Megha had said "she knew everyone in this neighborhood."

This 'A' guy was obviously in this neighborhood which meant if anyone knew who 'A' was or could be, it was Megha.




“Guys, I feel like Megha is like part of us now!” Paige stated quietly.


“What Miss Megha loser? What are you suggesting we tell Megha loser about 'A' and suddenly become besties, never gonna happen!” Rihanna replied sarcastically.


“Why not? She has a lot of friends and seems to know this place better than anyone!” Tiara said.


Suddenly Megha approached the girls who were discussing something in the cafeteria


“Hey girls!” Megha said happily.


“Oh! It talks too!” Rihanna said rudely there was obviously no way Ali was going to like Megha!


But if Megha knew everyone in this town, then she surely knew something about this 'A' guy... Right?


Can they trust her?


Hey guys! Sorry it took a while to post this chapter... we were a little busy.

Can they trust Megha, the daughter of Mona.

Or is she part of this 'A' club as well?

Shout-out to @1paigey2 and @Tiara_12 who are the authors of this book.

Next chapter will come out soon.

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Is your fav character Paige, Tiara, Shirin, Nithmi, Rihanna or Megha?


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