Batman Saves The Day At Camp

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  • Published: 30 May 2017
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2018
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Quackery stole the camp beds and the kids have to find them before they have to go home for the summer. Not finish yet. This is a play. My first ever. So enjoy.


3. scene 3

  Scene 3

   (narrator comes on right)

Narrator: So, if Quackery did stole the beds. Then he’ll never tell them where they are and all the kid might have to go home for the summer.  But, now they know who stole the beds and that he has a fear of Batman.

(walk off left ) (kids and Batman on right)


Batman: The two of you will go left in the forest. Me and Batman lover will go right into the forest...


Kid 3: Yes I get to go with Batman.


Batman: Okay. If you two need help then yell help. Let's go. (start walking left and counselors run on the right)


Counselor 2:  Wait, I think Quackery knows where the beds are. Batman, he has a fear of you. Can you get where he put the beds out of him?

(Batman walk up to Quackery and batman lover follows)


Batman: Hey, Quackery. Where are the beds? I know you stole the beds! Gave me a location or else!


Quackery: Fine, I would have stolen them, but they were already stolen so u got the wrong guy!  


Batman: I don’t believe you! I know you lying to me, so I will give you one more chance to tell me the truth.


Quackery: Okay, okay, okay I will tell you the truth! The...beds….. are…….the beds are in ……..


Counselor 1: Spit it out now!!!


Quackery: The beds are in the cave in the forest.


Batman Lover: There a cave in the forest.


Quackery: I will take you there. Okay, you follow me, please. And I will help set them up. I promise.

                                        THE END



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