Ryder Lynch teen mom

Ryder Noelle Lynch is an 18 year old singer/songwriter. She is also the youngest of the Lynch siblings who also happen to be R5. She so happens to become pregnant. Here's her story as a teen mom.


3. Chapter 3

* later that night* 

Ryder pov: i walked into Ryland's room and saw him listening to music. I sat on his bed in front of him. He looked up at me and took off his headphones. 

Ryder: Ry

He put his hand up and stopped me

Ryland: don't...i don't wanna hear it

Ryder: Ryland please 

Ryland: no Ryder...i told you that kid was no good...i told you from the beginning now look he got you pregnant at 16..16 Ryder...does he even know.

Ryder: yes he knows...he's gonna be in it's life..and i would love it if you were in it's life..my baby needs an uncle 

Ryland: you really gonna keep it

Ryder: yes..i'm not giving my baby up...please Ryland..i'm sorry..but i can't change what happened...just please help me

Ryland: *sighs* fine

I got up and hugged him.

* a few months later* 

I was at a doctor's appointment i was currently 3 months. Rydel and my mom came along..today we would be hearing the baby's heart beat. I watched as the doctor came in and started..I began crying when i heard the beautiful pounding of my baby's heart beat. 

Dr: your baby is healthy as ever..congrats 

Ryder: thank you *smiles* 

After the doctors we went and grabbed food. 

Stormie: we're gonna have to go back home soon Ryder

Ryder: why 

Stormie: the band is traveling a lot and at a certain point in your pregnancy you won't be able to travel and you gotta start getting ready for the birth of the baby and a lot of everything else. 

We ended up going back to the hotel. I went into my room and laid down when the boys came in and jumped on my bed and started talking to my stomach.

Ross: *baby talk* hey niece or nephew its uncle Ross...your cool fun uncle.

Rocky: *baby talk* no i'm your cool fun uncle

Riker: no i am

I started laughing

Ryder: you all gonna be cool fun uncles

Ross: have you decided a godfather or god mother yet

Ryder: i know Rydel is gonna be the god mother but i don't know about the god father.

Rocky: you gotta pick between us and Ryland

Ryder: ugh come on 

Riker: you got to 

This pregnancy is already hard..i don't know who to choose to be the god father of my baby. 


A/n: Vote on the god father of Ryder's baby...Riker, Rocky, Ross, or Ryland...let me know in the comments.



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