10 weeks...

The Gang is back!!!! This time, everyone has a type of problem... no one expected these, until they are yet again attacked by a demon... more powerful than the next. Who will win this time?


15. Week 15

They had happy days in after that, long months had already gone over. Let's not forget Roselyn, Serena and Blaze's Daughter. She has Aqua-Green Eyes, along with a combination of red and blonde hair, in other words strawberry blonde. She was an Aquarius, and loved to play with a stuffed animal, not to mention her favorite blanket as well. Also... There was many weddings, the biggest one was Emily and Brandon's Wedding, which lasted the longest and was the biggest, due to Brandon's rich family. Who knows, maybe Keashawna, Emily, or Riley will have children. That is still unrevealed, and as for Blaze and Serena... They already started a family themselves... The End... For Now... 

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