10 weeks...

The Gang is back!!!! This time, everyone has a type of problem... no one expected these, until they are yet again attacked by a demon... more powerful than the next. Who will win this time?


13. Week 13

“What… Do… You… Want…” said Blaze, he sounded depressed… and sad at the same time. (Sad and Depressed Are The Same Thing. *Gets A Phone Call From Co-Worker* Mhm… I see… WELL! Depressed and Sad are 2 totally different things… Wow… anyway, Back to the story… AND WTH! WHY IS MY CO-WORKER LOOKING AT THIS?!)

“Blaze, come out… we need to talk…” said Keashawna.

“N-No, I rather be alone…” Blaze said as he sniffed slightly, almost crying.

“Wanna talk about it?” asked Keashawna politely.

“S-Sure…” cried Blaze. (I did some talking to that co-worker… mhm, he is definitely fired… -w- … Back to the story…)

“Go, on I am listening.” said Keashawna.

“I think I lost Serena and the baby! I don’t wanna lose her! Maybe when she told me at first I wasn’t ready to be a father, so I thought that for a split second, but when I saw the happiness in her eyes… it made me change that opinion…” Blaze sobbed harder.  Keashawna was just shocked…

“Wow, Uh… Blaze… I am so-” said Keashawna but she was cut off,

“And now I have to s-suffer the loneliness of losing my wife and kid.

“Wait… Wife,” Keashawna was so confused “YOU WERE GONNA PROPOSE!?”

“Do the guys know you were going to propose?” Keashawna asks. Blaze covered his face with his hands.

“I didn’t tell them. It was going to be a surprise…” Blaze says. Keashawana glares at him.

“You always tell the guys when your going to propose!”

“There is no point now… I lost her…” mumbled Blaze, looking away slightly

“There might be a chance...maybe…” Keashawna says.  

“What chance!? Huh! I almost killed the baby! What makes you think she’ll forgive me this time?!” Blaze yelled with anger.

“So your not even going to try? You know, I always thought of you as the strong one. The one that ever gave up! I guess I was wrong.” Keshawna exclaims. She gets up off the couch, and walks out the door, slamming it behind her. Blaze looked up slightly and then looked down, knowing what to do next… Meanwhile outside, John hugged Riley lovingly.

“Riley, do you forgive me? Pwease… With a cherry…” pleaded John. Riley looks down at the ground, thinking.

“I forgive you...but...did you actually mean the things you said?” Riley asks in a small voice.

“What, no… and you know it… I love you.” John said as he smiled and hugged Riley a little tighter.

“I love you too…” Riley says. John then kisses Riley and Riley kisses him back. She had forgiven him. Meanwhile Keashawna was downstairs with Emily, Roulou, and Brandon.

“So how did it go?” asked Roulou.

“Horrible!” Keashawna exclaims.

“How horrible…?” asked Emily while hugging Brandon.

“Yeah… do we need to go up there?” asked Brandon hugging Emily back.

“DID HE HURT YOU!?” yelled Roulou.

“No.” Keashawna replies to Roulou.

“Then what did he do?...” asked Roulou.

“He cried… hard. The hardest I’ve seen anybody cry. He… he also told me that… he was going to propose to Serena…”

“Wait… WHAT!?” yelled Brandon and Emily at the same time.

“Yeah… He… Gave up on her…” said Keashawna.

“Now, that we speak… where is Serena?” asked Brandon. Then everyone stood in shock, not knowing where she was. Everyone scurried up the stairs and into her room and they saw the impossible, she fell asleep, almost curled up in a little ball… With Blaze hugging her tightly from the other side. She seemed calm and almost smiling, and Blaze was peacefully sleeping. Everyone’s jaws dropped,

“I thought you said-” said Roulou before he was cut off.

“This is so cute…” said Riley suddenly being behind them.

“When did you get here?” asked Emily and Keashawna at the same time.

“I am here too…” said John with a sigh.

“We just got here. We saw you guys running up the stairs like maniacs.” Riley replies. They look back at Serena and Blaze laying on the bed. “We should leave them alone.” said Emily. All of them nodded and made their way downstairs.

"Weird... the demon is gone... and I thought it was ass-kicking time." said Riley with a sigh. They all just nodded and when back to doing their thing.

The demon slowly whispered in the shadows, "Their bond is too tight... looks like I'll have to get stronger." Then he left to come back another time. 

“Yeah…” Keashawna said as Roulou walked out of the room.

“But… I did talk about something with the guys…” said Brandon. Roulou starts to fanboy (Idk What its called for boys) and John screams with excitement, waking up Blaze and Serena.

“Whoa, keep it down.. Your- Too late…” said Riley, sighing. Brandon looked over at Emily and held her hand. Emily blushed bright red, (Like a FIGGEN TOMATO) and then… Brandon kneels down, and looks at Emily.

“Emily… uh,” Brandon slightly blushed, causing Emily to giggle, “W-Will you m-marry m-me?” Then Brandon blushed a dark red color.

“Uh…” said Serena and Blaze at the same time.

“Yes…” Emily whispered as tears of joy fell down her face. Serena slowly started to giggle, and so did Blaze.

“Hey… Emi,” Serena giggled some more, “Can I be the Aunt?”

“Yeah… Can I be the Uncle, Brandon?” laughed Blaze. Brandon looked down and blushed the darkest red possible. Emily started to pout.

“Blaze, why do you gotta be such a pervert? Who says I want children?” said Emily.

“I-I-I…” Brandon struggled to say , but then he mumbled, “I want children…” Serena grinned and said,

“Your answer is right there Emi.” Emily started to blush and she covered her face with her hands. Blaze grinned and whispered toward Serena, “How much you wanna bet they are gonna do it…”

“Oh its on…” said Serena smirking slightly. Everyone had made their way outside besides Riley and John. They have somehow made their way into the kitchen, missing the moment entirely. Keashawna and Roulou were on the porch, watching Jake and Logan Paul on YouTube.     

Brandon stood up and hugged Emily.  All of a sudden, Brandon picked up Emily and walked out of the room.

“Hey! I hear something from the kitchen!” said Blaze.

“Hush, we don’t have to worry about what’s going on inside.” said Serena. The noises were growing louder and louder. It was Riley and John, John had pinned Riley to the wall, kissing her neck passionately. Riley was growing nervous, but played along.

“J-John… What are you d-doing…” Riley asked nervously.

“Ssshhh, I have been wanting to do this for a long time…” John whispered. Riley blushed and hugged him a little closer.





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