10 weeks...

The Gang is back!!!! This time, everyone has a type of problem... no one expected these, until they are yet again attacked by a demon... more powerful than the next. Who will win this time?


12. Week 12

Later Roulou told the guys to surround the demon.

“Guys don’t let your guard down…” said Roulou. The demon grinned mischievously, they knew exactly that the demon could do anything. If he stalled them for too long, they would lose the girls. They had to be quick about it.

“Come on pretty boys… WE DON’T Have All Day… Well, I do…” the demon grinned as he spoke.

“Oh, you better let them go!” growled Blaze. Brandon spawned a sword attacking the demon, but the demon was too quick, and dodged his attack sending Brandon flying.

“Blaze… hehehe… tell me… do you want a child?” Said the demon as he controlled his mind.

“N-No… I never w-want one… Not w-with her…” Blaze struggled to say anything else as he looked over to Serena. She was bawling her eyes out as he said that.

“Now you're being honest… your deepest thought Blazey…” said the demon, as he controled John next. “John? Do you love Riley? For ditching you on your guy’s date…?”

“Gah… No.. I hated her f-for that…” John slowly started to tear up. Riley looked at John as he was saying that. A single tear slipped down her face. She fell to the floor in the bubble and didn’t look at John.  

“And as for you two… Roulou and Brandon… You only love them for the pleasure you can’t wait to feel… right Roulou and Brandon?” They both answered “yes,” sadly as they looked down. Emily looked up and

death stared the living crap out of Brandon. She shook her head as she cried. Keashawna was right behind Roulou… and she pushed him down, then kicked him twice in the nutsack… before walking away. Roulou groaned and clenched his fist feeling pain, Brandon started to feel sick, John was already crying and for Blaze... He was out of the room already…

Keashawna then thought… She went up to the demon, and light energy started to form over her hand. She punched the demon in the stomach and slowly freed the girls from the dome. Serena refused to move, and Riley usually craved Chicken Nuggers but she was too depressed to even think about food. (Yep, it's Nuggers People) Emily just layed on the floor too weak to even get up…

“The boys… were thinking those thoughts… deep down…” cried Serena.

“Yeah… what’s the point to live…” said Emily and Riley at the same time.

“Oh I’ll tell you the point to live! Life is how you make it! AND MAKING FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY!” yelled Keashawna (My Quote T^T So Precious) Then… the demon faced them.

“Do you girls wanna die now…? I personally think it’s for the best…” Keashawna and the girls looked up, as if they were agreeing. Riley gets up off the ground and heads towards the door.

“Where are you goin’ Riley…” said Emily? Riley didn’t answer her and walked out the door. She walks over to a little shed and pulls out a thick rope. She walks over to a tree and climbs it. Tying the rope to the biggest branch, she starts crying.

“What am I doing…” Riley whispers to herself. She sits back against the trunk and covers her face. John run’s out the door and climbs up the tree.

“What are you doing?” John asks. Riley stares at John, not liking his deepest thoughts.

“What do you want…” said Riley.

“I want forgiveness,” John said pleadingly. “Can you forgive me…?” Riley looked up slightly, but then looked away.

“Hmph, I don’t know if I can.” snarled Riley. John looked over at the house and sighed,

“I hope the other boys have better luck than me…” Meanwhile in the kitchen, Keashawna and Emily sat, filled with anger.

“Babe, come on… You know I don’t mean it like that… Forgive me please.” pleaded Roulou.

“No thank you! Hmph.” said Keashawna looking away.

“Emi… come on… you know I don’t think like that…” Brandon looked at Emily.

“Your right… you have never thought like that… I am confused…” Emily said.

“See, the demon could be lying about this, because Blaze knew exactly the consequence of doing “it” with Serena… John knew that family was more important and-” said Roulou, but Brandon continued,

“And we never would think of you girls like toys! We should know that!” yelled Brandon. Keashawna and Emily nodded, and Keashawna went upstairs.

“Blaze?” said Keashawna.


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