Project: Gemini

Five strangers were brought in to use their special skills to undertake a project. They thought that it was a simple task until it all falls apart. The hunters become the hunted. What happens when the simple mission turns from finding the most wanted to them becoming the most wanted.


Author's note

This is something that I came up with and like to share with all. Hope this keeps you intrigued and wanting more.

9. Chapter 9

“We will give you some time to think over our offer. But we hope that you don’t take too long as your country really needs you,” said Brian.


One by one, the others started to leave the table until the five of them were left. Either of them moved as they let this all sink in. As much as they wanted to jump in and help, there were that many question still that needed answered. For one, why them was still the main question on all their minds.


“I’ll say it since no one will. I find they are still hiding something from us. We don’t have a full story here and I don’t know how much I’m open this all,” said Ameila. “I’m out.”  


She gathered her stuff and started to make her way to the door. Slowly the others got up and followed her out.


“I don’t know guys. If they asked us, doesn’t that count for something. Maybe we are best fitted for this job. I mean think about it?” jumped in Xander.


“They want us to go up against best of the best agencies and the agents. Wont people get curious when non-agents and lower level agents start to look around,” said Skylar.


“Thanks, my point exactly. She… no offense… isn’t even an agent and I don’t know how I can pull off one when I’m good behind a computer, not the field.”


“I understand what you all are saying but I also know that there truly is a mole in the system and because of them, dangerous people getting away and innocent people are dying. I want to help any way possible,” spoke up Wyatt.


They all stopped and looked at him. He was serious and by the looks of it all, he didn’t seem like the kind of person that would mess around.


“Do you really think that with the little amount of information that we were given, you will risk all to find this mole out?” asked Nate.  


Wyatt paused and all looked at him curiously. “Yes… when I joined the SEAL’s and then the FBI, I took an oath that I would always do what is in my power to protect this nation… at any cost.”


Silence once again fell among them all. As much as they hated the idea of going into a case where they had nothing to go off. There was so many things that could go wrong and nothing go right yet Wyatt was also right. They all had taken some kind of oath or promise to do everything to keep their country safe.


“I didn’t take any oath or made any promises that I need to follow here. I still don’t know why I was asked to come to this,” said Skylar.


“Honestly, I don’t know but that is something that we will just have to see. They have to give us more information on this,” said Nate.

“Are you telling us that you are actually thinking of taking on this half told mission?” asked Amelia confused.


“Yeah. I mean that this must be a huge deal if they decided to get us involved, wouldn’t you want to check this all out. I mean this has to do with our national security. I know that I’m not an agent like the FBI and all but I do know is that this is something that we will affect us all in some way. There isn’t anything that I can say that will make any sense yet it is something that I have to do,” replied Nate.


Amelia could see the others thinking over this. Even Skylar was thinking about this. Could this possibly be a good idea to work on this. She didn’t really see what was bad about this anyways. All she had to do was looking in the agents and agencies and gather intel.


“Come on, discussing this here isn’t going to make it all just go away. We don’t know what exactly we are expected to do. We have a job to do and we should take this on like any other work,” said Xander.


Amelia looked away as she considered what they said. She understood where this was all about and maybe they were right as well.


“Maybe we should think about a little more before we dive in,” said Skylar.


“I already have my mind made up. Its all clear and I know first-hand that there is someone in the department that is helping the other side of law and helping them get away with that,” said Wyatt.


Nate nodded and Amelia and Skylar knew that he had also made up his mind. The question now was, what was going to be their answer.

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